Why most first time property developers fail.

These days, everybody wants to become a property developer. With interest rates declining, Investors are getting their cash out of the bank and seeking comfort in real estate - Real estate development to be specific. Here are my thoughts as to why most first-time real estate developers fail badly. As a Builder I have met with numerous clients that have purchased a property with the intention to develop townhouses. My first question to them is 'Have you completed a feasibility study?'. in which most do not have the slightest clue with what it even means. The few who have completed a 'back of the napkin' feasibility study usually work their projects out like this: *Buy Property = $600k (becaus

New changes to Australian Standard Termite Management for Part B Treatments

There will be NO Chemical spraying after the 30th April 2017 Builders take note: *If you are starting a new construction before the 1st of May 2017, you must now include in your costs a physical barrier or reticulated system (if the job is not completed by the 1st of May 2017) If you are in the middle of construction and it will be finished by the 30th of April 2017, then a Part B chemical spray treatment can be completed. *Any job that is under construction at the moment and is not at brick stage, then most termite companies can install a physical barrier (below are the reasons why a physical barrier is a preferred option) Most Termite companies prefer to use Termseal Ura-Fen Shield or Term

VBA urges home owners to be alert for termite activity

VBA urges home owners to be alert for termite activity Victorian Building Authority CEO Prue Digby today urged home owners to be alert for termite activity in and around their homes this summer. “Recent media reports indicate that the weather patterns over the spring and early summer have provided ideal breeding conditions for termites.” Ms Digby said. “While it is the responsibility of each council to designate areas within its municipality that are termite prone, it should also be recognised that termites can and do relocate their nests. It is important for a home owner to take personal responsibility and ensure they inspect their homes carefully at least every 12 months.” Concealed in loc

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