5 Pro's and Con's for importing building material from China.

By now I'm sure everyone in the building industry has heard that importing materials from Asia will save your company huge bucks and propel you into profit heaven. Below I'm going to state the 5 things builders and developers should consider before importing directly. 1. Cost The first thing that pops into your mind when getting products from overseas is the COST savings. For example you can buy tiles for $8USm2 EXW. Cheap right? WRONG. $8USm2 is Ex Warehouse. By the time you convert it to Australian Dollars and add Transport Costs, Freight forwarding, Duty Fee's, Custom fees and GST and deliver it to your site it eventually will Cost you close to AUD$16. 2. Time Lets not forget that Chi

5 factors to consider before importing building materials from China

We have all heard about the lucrative cost savings that builders and property developers use from importing materials directly from China. But beware, It’s not all sunshine and rainbows towards profit heaven. Before flying into the storm, Here are 5 Factors to consider before importing from China. Cost Its not uncommon to find an identical product that you see in Australia for 1/3rd of the Price, However there are numerous items to consider. USD to AUD conversion rates, Transport, Logisitics, Storage, Fumigation, Custom charges, GST, and Duty Taxes are just SOME of the costs that can quickly hike that price to unfeasible levels. Cashflow You have ordered your product now the supplier is re

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