The Ensuring Integrity Bill

On August 16 of 2017, an amendment to Fair Work (Registered Organizations) Act was made which includes a few key changes that will ensure the integrity of various organizations. Master Builders has supported this from the very beginning, and it is now seeking the support of cross-bench Senators and a request to the IR Minister for the federal government to begin discussions on this matter as soon as possible. It has engaged with Senate members for its successful passage. The Ensuring Integrity or EI Bill aims to protect organizations and make it a point to combat anyone in the union movement that do not abide by the law. Here are other provisions for the bill: PROVISIONS FOR DISQUALIFICATION

We Are Hiring!

Interested in becoming a part of the Hillbrook team? We are looking for qualified leading hand carpenters to work on our several projects. Duties and Responsibilities: Lead carpenters are responsible for building cabinets, framing houses and hanging sheetrock. They can also provide training for apprentice carpenters and teach carpenters’ assistants on different tasks. Lead carpenters ensure customer and company satisfaction with their professional appearance, expertise in workmanship and good communication skills. They also attend all company and client meetings that are approved by their production manager. Lead carpenters create critical path or any anticipated project schedule, project co

Separating Walls on Boundaries

The VBA Pro-Active Inspection aims to bring better performance to the building and plumbing industry. It is meant to aid in improving the ou

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