All About Build-to-Rent

One of the most exciting developments this year has to offer has to do with more investors finding sites to develop a new emerging sector which is the built-to-rent class. Basically, the build-to-rent sector is about private rented residential that’s known not just in Australia, but in the United Kingdom as well. This emerging portion of the property market is predicted to continue to grow this year. So, what’s the build-to-rent sector? Build-to-rent, in simple terms, refers to the building and construction of residential property that is meant for renting rather than selling. Institutional investors typically own this type of asset class. This year, Hillbrook Projects is determined to explo

The VCAT Decision on the Lacrosse Building

Let us talk about the recent updates on the matter of Lacrosse building. Just recently, VCAT or the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal have come to a decision regarding the LU Simon Builders. You may recall of an unfortunate occurrence in the past where a residential building in Melbourne Docklands caught fire, and it was revealed that one of the reasons that the property was completely engulfed by the fire was because of the aluminum panels. The builder LU Simon Builders were given an ultimatum until July of 2018 to replace the panels that made the whole thing even worse. The fire reportedly went to 13 floors. Both the builder and the apartment initially wanted to keep the panels,

Why Australians Are Moving to Regional Areas

There’s a big change that has taken place and it involves Australians choosing to move to regional areas. According to a report from the Regional Australia Institute, over 400,000 people living in capital cities of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth started to move out to more regional areas such as Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. What could be the reason for this big shift? Let’s talk a little bit about it. One of the things that capital cities are known for is the opportunities these cities offer. Now, reports say that Australians are moving to the regional areas for alternate opportunities. The capital cities have been going through some challenges. These challenges

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