Trends in House Colors in 2019

Last time, I wrote about how paint affects one’s home. Choosing the right colors for your home is something you really should take seriously. Paint has a huge effect on giving your home a certain look and feel. It sets you apart from others—it gives you that uniqueness and gives you a chance to express who you are. The details that you add to your home is not just about the appearance. It helps a lot in giving you that excitement when coming home. Trends change every year. Times have passed and people have really accepted a lot of changes. Homeowners really embrace bolder colors now and it’s such a huge jump from the simpler look. At one point, the norm was all-white because it creates the i

Some Changes You Need to Know About the National Construction Code

The recently released changes to the national construction code has started to be in full effect yesterday, May 1st, 2019. So, what are the changes that you must be fully aware of as part of this industry? This update is part of the changes that will take place due to the three-year cycle of revisions since 2016. According to the latest update, “substantial changes aimed at improving the NCC’s readability and create a level of consistency within its structure, wording, and requirements throughout all three volumes.” The new methods are made in order to “reduce poor practices of non-compliance when processing and considering performance solutions.” Here’s an overview of the changes in the nat

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