Victoria’s Economic Performance Continues to Soar

For years now, the economic performance of Victoria has been the envy of some of Australia’s states and other territories. Victoria (Vic) is a state found in the south-eastern part of Australia. It is considered to hold the second-largest population while being the smallest mainland state in the country. Victoria is also home to the second most livable city in the world, which is Melbourne. This year, Victoria continues to soar. What are the factors that make Victoria the star performer of the country? Here are some of those according to reports. LOW UNEMPLOYMENT RATE Compared to other states in the country, Victoria is known to have a recorded a lower unemployment rate during the previous

All About Credit Scores in Australia

For quite some time now, Australia has been having some issues in terms of credit scores. To be able to apply for loans, borrowers must have good credit score standing. The problem is, a lot of borrowers have no idea about their credit scores which leads to some problems with their ability to borrow money. It also turns out that even lenders are affected by this. According to experts, because borrowers are unaware of their credit scores, lenders are also having difficulty with the very little information about it resulting in very confusing result. Some borrowers that can pay well or are called worthy borrowers are being restricted while those that are the opposite would get extended loans.

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