Importance of having a mortgage strategy

Last time, we talked about interest rates and interest rate cuts. Borrowers know for a fact that to save a significant amount of money, you have to get a low-interest rate on your mortgage. However, it’s not just low-interest rates that will save potential buyers money—it’s effective mortgage strategies. As we have mentioned before, ever since the royal commission into banking was established, banks have become stricter when it comes to lending. It is important that buyers themselves have the initiative to study how they are able to make acquire a good mortgage deal. It is very important to find an expert to help you out, but it doesn’t mean you cannot find one on your own especially if you

An Update on Workplace Manslaughter Laws

We have previously discussed about the discussions made about the State Government’s workplace manslaughter laws. It is still ongoing and more issues are being addressed. For the sake of consistency, here’s a brief summary of the previous discussions and issues raised pertaining to the manslaughter laws the Andrews Labor Government will introduce. The new laws state that employers whose negligence result to an employee death will have face up to 20 years in prison. In line with this, under the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004, employers will be fined $16 million and those individuals who negligently caused the death of an employee will have also have to face 20 years in prison if proven

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