Melbourne’s Most Livable & Affordable Suburbs According to Experts

The biggest cities in Australia have always been the most popular choices for homebuyers whether for first-timers or not. However, things have changed so much for the past several years. The suburb is a residential district that is found on a city’s outskirts. It is normally less busy or chaotic because the population is not as congested as urban areas, which means establishments are not as plentiful in the suburbs. If you live in the suburbs, chances are, you will need to travel to the city for work. Not everyone likes long hours of traveling every single day but looks like, there are certain suburbs that are just as livable as the urban areas especially for the working class. A recent stud

An Overview of Leasing Volumes in 2019

2019 is almost over and there is so much in store for the next year. But this year has been a busy year for leasing volumes. In 2019, the recorded number of leasing volumes all over Melbourne has reached over 700,000m2 of industrial floorspace. These are properties that are above 5,000m2. By the third quarter 0f 2019, the leasing volumes have surpassed the decade long average for takeup in Melbourne, that around 20% of that record actually came from Q3. What makes Melbourne such an attractive place for many individuals? According to many studies and the recent list by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne is considered one of the best places to live in. In fact, it came in as the second

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