Reasons why you should consider investing in real estate right now

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus pushed various economies around the world into a decline and even into a period of recession. The devastating effects of this novel virus are enough for so many countries, including emerging and developing ones to slow down and prepare to start all over again. Many had to find new ways to make money or get used to a new set up where the movement is very limited. Because of the whole new situation, suddenly, the opportunities have been greatly reduced. Face to face interactions are not allowed without face coverings, which could be a hassle at times. Everything is done online nowadays and this will go on for a long time. You may be one of those who feel

A quick rundown on the stricter Stage 3 COVID19 regulations in Victoria

Last August 2 at 6pm, the Victorian Government announced that Melbourne will enter Stage 4 restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak in the whole state. And so far, people have mixed feelings about it especially after adding that there will be a four-week extension. There were quite a few confusion surrounding it even after on the 3rd week of lockdown. As for Regional Victoria, an announcement of Stage 3 lockdown. So for more clarifications, here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know such as how it will affect you and how you operate your business. When did the lockdown in Regional Victoria begin? The lockdown started on the 5th of August at 11:59pm. The lockdown would mean the

The State of Emergency in Victoria extended for four weeks

Victoria becoming the country’s epicenter of coronavirus forced the hand of the Victorian Government to declare state of emergency. The regulations have become stricter to slow down the spread of the virus. As of this writing, there are 16,764 confirmed cases; 8,570 of which have recovered while 309 have died. While the numbers are indicating that recovery supersedes the mortality rate, it’s still very important that we make great efforts to further slow it down. The state of emergency was declared in the state of Melbourne and Regional Victoria beginning the 2nd of August – and will go on until September 13th. So, since August 2, the state has been under Stage 4 and Stage 3 restrictions. No

More support for businesses and workers this pandemic

Ever since Melbourne was declared a state of disaster, so many things have become a blur. Metropolitan Melbourne has moved to Stage 4 ‘Stay at Home’ restrictions, where there are tighter regulations implemented. While the building and construction industry will continue its operations, the priority is to keep everyone safe and slow down the spread of the virus. However, because the announcement was very sudden, it’s normal that there’s some confusion. We have previously provided some clarifications about the questions raised. You may check out some of those here. We have all been going through a lot recently – and with the rising number of positive cases across the state, our mental health i

How you can avail of the HomeBuilder Grant without leaving your home

Last June, the Victorian Government announced a new and efficient way to help Victorians that have been planning to build or renovate a home but had to postpone it because of the pandemic. Time and time again, we have said that the construction and building industry is going to play such an important role in the economy’s economy. The more projects planned, the more jobs created, thus, more Victorians will get back on their feet again. Allow us to refresh your memory about the HomeBuilder package. This package consists of a $25,000 grant by the Victorian Government to renovate an existing home or buy off a home provided that the contract existed and signed between the 4th of June 2020 and 31

Yet another update on the Stage 4 restrictions plus more clarifications

(Updated: August 11,2020) After the spike in positive cases in Victoria, as mentioned last week, the state has now been declared state of disaster – and with that came new restrictions to observe. There was quite a bit of confusion last week about the new strict rules. The much need discussions with Master Builders Victoria, industry groups, and the government held on the 7th of August, provided more clarifications especially on the restrictions that came into effect that day at 11:59pm. Surprisingly, the new rules were less restrictive than most of us initially thought. Here are some of the new clarifications about the new rules. One of the requirements is for ALL SITES To have a high-risk

An update on the strict new COVID19 rules and all the confusion surrounding it

The latest announcement made by the Premiere definitely left so many Victorians in shock and confused. Although it seemed like something that was bound to happen – and has been in speculation for several days now, it still came, in a way unexpectedly – as in no one was actually prepared for it. The Premiere announced a Stage 4 lockdown across Victoria and Melbourne after an outbreak, which was designed to deliberately limit the movement among workers to keep everyone safe from the virus. It was meant to keep people at home – which is the number one solution to keep the virus from spreading even further. The Stage 4 lockdown, which began on Sunday, 2nd of August 2020 banned workers from atten

Update on Stage 4 Lockdown Measures Across Melbourne and Regional Victoria

As Victoria declares state of disaster, a lot of things are definitely going to change for the time being. For six weeks, tighter restrictions will be imposed. So, what does this mean for industries – most especially for the building and construction industry? We have previously talked about the new restrictions as announced by the Premiere. Victorians are in shock and are devastated by the ongoing issues the state is currently going through. Even our industry will inevitably be affected by this. Master Builder’s Victoria CEO Rebecca Casson issued a statement regarding the decision of the State Government to scale back the industry. Albeit a difficult decision, it must be done for the safety

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