Easing of restrictions in Melbourne: all the changes and what it means for Melburnians

About a couple of weeks ago, we have posted about the easing of restrictions in Regional Victoria as announced by the Victorian Government – and now, it looks like Melbourne has followed suit. Premier Daniel Andrews announced that there will be easing of restrictions beginning September 28th 2020. Here are a few changes that will take place under the second step of the roadmap reopening. CURFEW For the six weeks that the state of Melbourne was under tight restrictions, curfew was implemented. Starting at 5am on September 28th, the curfew will no longer become effective. However, those who will not follow other regulations and commit unlawful indoor and outdoor gatherings will be fined almost

A few updates on the changes as restrictions in Regional Victoria are eased out

Last week, we posted an article about the Victorian Government’s decision to ease the restrictions in regional Victoria beginning 11:59pm on September 16th. Of course, so many things have to change. The COVID-normal return would mean that everyone – as in everyone, will have to live with the virus and have to operate knowing the risks present. And also, as always, proceed with utmost caution every step of the way, meaning follow protocols and safety precautions to slow down the spread of the virus. Now those restrictions are eased, here are some of the most critical updates on the issues raised by many workers and business owners in the construction and building industry. This information wa

Building and development projects to continue playing a huge role in the state’s recovery

The coronavirus pandemic that has affected so many lives and industries, seem to be not going away anytime soon. The best thing to do as individuals is to actually learn to live with it – learn to adapt. However, for the economy, the only way to recover is to practically do the same thing. Open up businesses and industries to continue doing services. The state’s economic recovery will reportedly be further strengthened by new projects that are set to be accelerated with $1 billion funding. These projects will most definitely create more jobs that will stimulate growth in the state of Victoria in metropolitan, rural, and regional. Minister for Planning Richard Wynne says that “it’s more impor

More clarifications on the released roadmap for reopening of industries out of restrictions

On Sunday, the Premier presented the roadmap out of the Stage 4 restrictions. This was to reopen the industries in an orderly and efficient fashion. The Victorian Government declared a state of emergency following the recent rise in coronavirus cases. With this come stricter restrictions not just for the individuals but for businesses as well – including building and construction companies. While the restrictions are very necessary to slow down the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe, there is no surprise that the restrictions have made things much more complex and difficult for so many businesses. The building and construction industry is overwhelmed at the moment. We are very busy b

Roadmap for a COVID-normal return finally released

A few days ago, we told you about the Government’s roadmap for the easing of Stage 4 restrictions. Due to the growth in coronavirus cases, the Victorian Government had to put the whole state on stricter rules and regulations for a month. The said restrictions will end on September 13th while the extension for state of emergency provisions in the state will be extended for the next six weeks, the restrictions are said to be eased by September 28 provided that the cases don’t get worse. The Premiere presented the roadmap for a COVID-normal return on Sunday, September 6, 2020. Here is a brief summary of all the details business owners and workers need to know. Steps to COVID Normal The building

Bill to extend state of emergency provision for six month now passed

About a month ago, the Victorian Government placed the whole state of Victoria in a state of emergency because of the spike in coronavirus cases. Victoria became the epicenter of the virus forced the government to do something quickly in order to control the rise of the positive cases. Otherwise, it’s just going to be a bigger problem than it already is. As highlighted last week, the State Parliament made a decision and voted on a bill from the government to extend the state of emergency provisions. Initially, the provisions will expire on the 13th of September along with the easing out of Stage 3 and 4 restrictions. But with the passing of the bill which originally called for a 12-month ext

Roadmap for the re-opening of industries out of strict restrictions to be released

Almost a month ago, the whole of Victoria has declared a state of emergency and Melbourne entered Stage 4 restrictions wherein a list of stricter restrictions are to be implemented. This implementation was due to the spike in coronavirus cases in the state. Currently, there are about 19,080 positive cases with 15,814 recoveries and 565 deaths. But seems like the state is almost ready to start to go back to more relaxed conditions, provided that the infection data in the coming weeks wouldn’t be too worrisome. Just what we have mentioned, the Premiere has yet to decide on a date when the restrictions will be eased, but the roadmap for the re-opening of industries is said to be released this c

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