How the announced federal budget will affect the property market in the future

Every year the federal government passes a budget for the nation’s projects and expenses. Because of what has transpired these past several months, the budget will largely focus on getting Australians back to work to be able to support the economy. Individuals are highly encouraged to spend more as well, and what better way to do that than to provide Australians more means to do so. The pandemic caused disruption in our lives in such a significant way. The economy needs to recover from the health crisis. Fortunately, the property sector is looking to have quite a positive future ahead. A few months ago, we talked about the Australian government’s initiative to help first-time homeowners buil

New updates on the easing out of restrictions in Victoria (travel, outdoor, etc.)

After more than 100 days of strict lockdown, Melbourne is now eased out of its restrictions. Last September 16th, Premier Daniel Andrews announced the easing of restrictions in Victoria. Industries were allowed to continue its operations provided that safety precautions are still observed. Key features of the changes implemented focused largely on how the industries will function. On October 18th, more changes were announced as Melbourne’s travel radius has been extended from 5 meters to 25 kilometers. The announced relaxed set of restrictions allows more freedom for Melburnians. Restrictions on social and recreational activities are now relaxed so residents in Melbourne and Regional Victori

What to know about the wage subsidy for apprentices/trainees from the federal government

Just last week, we posted on our social media accounts that we are accepting trainees for those who want to learn the ropes of the business, particularly in the construction industry. The construction and building industry is involved in both commercial and residential properties. Right now, it’s deemed to be such an important part of the economy’s recovery, which is why the Federal Government started programs to help businesses and residents. On the 4th of October, the Federal Government announced a $1.2 billion wage subsidy for apprentices. This announcement was made ahead of the full outline of the Federal Budget released on the 5th of October. The funding is specifically designed to help

New program set to play a huge role in economic recovery could only work if everyone participates

Due to the current circumstances, budgets had to be adjusted to fully cater to the needs of individuals within a particular state. This “giveaway” budget was driven by the current situation. It wouldn’t have been possible a year ago – but because of the pandemic, things have changed. The Morrison government is encouraging businesses to invest so more jobs can be created. Incentives are given to businesses as a way to provide support in these troubling times. In the same way, consumers are encouraged to spend some more to keep the economy moving. Over the coming months, the government is said to provide more financial support which could be considered quite generous. The modest cash payments

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