Australian Trends in Building Materials

With all the recent development in design and construction, there will naturally be a need for changes when it comes to construction materials anywhere in the world. While there are materials that are used everywhere, the trends differ for every country. What’s popular in one side of the world might not be popular for another.

In Australia, here are some of the most usual construction systems that builders and homeowners use nowadays.

Lightweight Framed Construction

Possibly the most popular construction system in Australia is lightweight frames, with steel and timber as two of the most common materials that are used in framing houses. Framing is basically giving your house the structure support by fitting pieces together. One of the advantages of lightweight frames is that they have the lowest environmental impact and have really great performance when it comes to durability, resistance from vermin and moisture, as well as capability.

Bricks and Blocks

Two of the most used materials nowadays are bricks and blocks, which are components of masonry construction that are known for its strength. Examples of bricks, blocks and stones normally used are marble, granite, limestone, concrete, and even glass. However, in Australia, the most popular are concrete and clay because of environmental impact and structural capability.


The use of glass as a building material that have transformed so much over the years. Window products used in homes have evolved a lot, for instance, a glass pavilion that connects the garden and the living are is a trend a lot of homes now embrace. One of the reasons why glass is popular nowadays is because of environmental reasons. Because resources right now have become quite expensive, and somehow difficult to secure, sustainable materials have really become a huge thing now.

Cross Laminated Timber Panels

It is considered the construction material of the 21st century. Because layers of wood are compacted together, its strength can definitely withstand different weather conditions. Its stability and thermal properties make this a go-to construction material for many builders. Accoya, another timber product is seen as a promising construction material because of the elements that are strong enough for outdoor use without any special treatments.


Although this is not used regularly, it is a building material that’s really starting to make a long lasting impression to builders and homeowners alike. It is known to be a material that’s difficult to produce but because of recent developments and method, it’s become much more easier to produce, and at the same time, it is cheaper.


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