Melbourne’s North Evolution

Over the past decade, many have seen the evolution of North Melbourne. Changes have been so evident that there is no denying that more people are becoming aware of the perks of living in Victoria, Melbourne. Experts say that a lot of potential buyers are looking into buying or renting a property in Victoria, specifically in the Craigieburn and Mickleham areas. Craigieburn is known as the satellite suburb that is located outside of Melbourne while Mickleham is known as the central business district. Part of the reason why many are choosing to move to these suburbs is because of its affordability compared to other areas in Australia.

I have discussed a little bit about property price effects and how it’s become a huge topic among owners and potential buyers. There are so many things at stake when you decide to buy a property, and it’s understandable if you would want to learn more about it. Plus, of course, it is the smart thing to do. What makes these suburbs so much more appealing to many aside from the affordability are the facilities that really make for a good experience. Another thing that really matters is transportation. I don’t think anyone would really want to live in a place where there is an apparent struggle traveling from one place to another. North Melbourne provides an easier commute to Melbourne’s central business district. And because of its accessibility, no wonder that the outer north is booming.

In 2018, reports have stated that a suburb once inhabited by farming families is regarded as the fastest growing suburb. This suburb is known as Mickleham. Mainly because of the population growth that reached 35 percent, it is expected that by 2021, the population will grow up to 14,210. Craigieburn, on the other hand, is more developed, but at the same time, it continues to grow by population. It is not just popular among investors. It has been said that the suburb is now huge among starting families or the first-time homebuyers. It’s known that large houses with gardens are common in this area and a lot of buyers want that. Not only do these have large spaces, but it’s affordable too compared to other cities.

Because of the growth of Victoria suburbs, the government has made sure that more improvements will be done. Such improvements include infrastructure developments, particularly the North Growth Corridor Plan and the upgrade on Northern Roads. People moving to Victoria also appreciate the different activities they can get into because of the sporting facilities and the different shopping centers, so you can definitely say that there’s something for all ages. Other facilities in the area include skate parks and cycling paths. Who can also forget Highlands? or the 11,000-lot project that will open doors for more activities.

What makes North Melbourne so interesting is how it has evolved into a community spot over the years. New residents are able to enjoy their homes and the many different projects that were developed for growing families. Basically, I guess it’s safe to say that Victoria has a bright future ahead.

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