Trends in House Colors in 2019

Last time, I wrote about how paint affects one’s home. Choosing the right colors for your home is something you really should take seriously. Paint has a huge effect on giving your home a certain look and feel. It sets you apart from others—it gives you that uniqueness and gives you a chance to express who you are. The details that you add to your home is not just about the appearance. It helps a lot in giving you that excitement when coming home.

Trends change every year. Times have passed and people have really accepted a lot of changes. Homeowners really embrace bolder colors now and it’s such a huge jump from the simpler look. At one point, the norm was all-white because it creates the illusion of a bigger and cleaner interior. However, bolder colors are appealing for a variety of reasons.

Here are some of the trends in house colors that you might want to take note of.


One of the most popular trends in house colors this year is green. Many home buyers find greens and blues such a pleasant color although a little bit complicated. Many experts find green to be the color of the moment. The dark shade of green is possibly the most popular right now. The deep green color is known to give off the feeling of being around nature plus it works well in areas that are well lit with natural sunlight.

Blues, on the other hand, carry different hues which would be perfect for any traditionalist who wants a little bit more unique touch. Some choices that are in popular right now are gray-blue and powder blue. The blue tone is incredibly versatile—you can choose a shade of blue that is lighter to give off a relaxed feel while a deep shade of blue gives it a sophisticated one.


Pastel colors have always been quite popular among homeowners because of its soothing effect. They are gender neutral too which would be perfect for anyone who is into minimalist designs because muted pastels work great as backdrops. Anyone who doesn’t feel like they could pull off a bold color would be able to find muted pastels much more appealing.


Different shades of pink are now one of the most popular choices among homeowners nowadays. It is expected that it’s going to be even more popular this year, particularly the blush pink shade. This soft color allows for a calm, relaxing feeling. A lot of people also choose pink to partner with something like a piece of artwork on the wall or a sculpture.

The trends are helpful guides if you are unsure of what you want for the interior of your home but you shouldn’t solely rely on these. Choose the colors that you will be happy with and not because it’s what everybody wants. Select the colors that represent YOU more than anything—choose what you love and what will make you want to come home every single day.

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