Ways to Maximize Small Spaces

A lot of first-time home buyers are not that picky in choosing how big their home is. Also because of the property prices now, space is not exactly the priority here. I think it's pretty much a given that smaller spaces are much more affordable but that's so much better than not having any place to call home. But even with a small space, you can still make your place aesthetically pleasing.

When you have to deal with small spaces, you will need to choose ways on how to maximize it. This falls heavily on the design, the arrangement, and the furniture you will purchase. While it is true that there are no rules when it comes to interior design, there are recommended ways to make a room look bigger.

Here are some ways to maximize small spaces as recommended by experts.

Choose Designs that Draw Eyes Upward

Experts say that one way to make small spaces appear bigger is to try and draw your guests' eyes upward. For instance, if you are buying a bookshelf, choose one that's full height because it's going to make it look like the house is wider. This also goes for choosing which curtain to get. A floaty one that hangs close to the ceiling will make a room appear bigger. If you like blinds more, the trick is essentially the same thing.

Small Spaces Don't Necessarily Require Small Furniture

We often think that because there isn't enough space, we should choose small furnishing as well. According to experts, this shouldn't always be the case. Actually, choosing large sofas and chairs as opposed to small ones would make a room appear larger. You should also choose sofas that have legs because the spaces underneath would give the illusion of more spaces.

Decrease Unnecessary Furniture

One way to maximize space? Decrease the furniture that you don't really use a lot. For example, it is pretty obvious that using coffee tables would eat up more space. In the past, it's a norm that living rooms have coffee tables but nowadays, side tables are the trend. Not only are they a trend, but it's giving the people in your home enjoy the space the center of the room provides. After all, they don't really do a lot for your home.

Explore Modern Cabinetry

There are so many things modern cabinetry can do for you. There are cabinets you can use to hide appliance when not in use, such as television. There are also other sleek ones that could be a hiding place for items in your home when not in use. These days, more and more techniques can be done and you just have to be creative.

Mirrors and More Mirrors

I think we can all agree that mirrors are very important pieces of furnishing in one's home. But did you also know that they can help your home look like it's double its size? Mirrors reflect light into a room which helps create a sense of space. When they are hanging vertically, they are even better because aside from drawing the eyes up, they look so much more attractive.

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