An Update on the Cladding Rectification Works

Just very recently, an announcement was made about the Victorian government’s $600 million package, allotted to support the cladding rectification works that will be carried out by a new agency named the Cladding Safety Victoria. The cladding rectification should also follow a list of recommendations that have been included in the Victorian Cladding Taskforce’s final report. Victoria will fund privately owned buildings, and this news is such a big deal because it doesn’t just cost millions, but Victoria will be the first state to do this.

Included in the $600 million package that the Victorian government will provide are as follows: - $300 million for the rectification of those buildings in the highest-risk category; - Another $300 million that would be raised for five years. This will be in a form of levy for building permits that will cost $800 above The levy will begin January 1st, 2020, however, the Victorian government has requested the Commonwealth to contribute. This contribution, if granted, will most likely take away the implementation of the levy which would be a great support for this particular problem. The levy could potentially bring about some issues, particularly the cost of the construction. Before this announcement, the state government already mentioned about the exclusions they are planning to allow, mainly the non-compliant uses of cladding. While it is true that allowing exclusions could be a great step, Master Builders Victoria is keen on making a better and more permanent solution instead of this.

Master Builders Victoria is known to always find solutions to anything related to building and construction. As the industry’s leading organization, collaborations with authorities to make avoid rifts that would lead to blame and argument. MBV that both the state and the federal government on working with them to maintain the confidence of the public. It’s important to implement standards that will protect just those who live in the buildings, but those who work as well.

For more information about the recommendations, read them here:

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