More on the Cladding Rectification Works

Latest news about cladding was about the rectification works and the Victorian government’s $600 million-package allotted for it that will be carried out by the Cladding Safety Victoria. The cladding rectification should also follow a list of recommendations that have been included in the Victorian Cladding Taskforce’s final report. There have been so many news headlines released by the media about this very topic, which caused a lot of confusion and concern. For instance, some media outlets used phrases such as “dodgy builders to face justice”. These headlines bring a negative message and are not fair for the building and construction industry.

To set some things straight, Master Builder’s Victoria commented about this matter. According to the organization, “Master Builder’s Victoria does not control the media”. This is a pretty obvious truth because even if it’s possible to deliver a message from our side, we have no control over the stories the media will put out to the world. Sensationalism is something that has been going on for years now, and it’s very difficult to end. Cladding, in particular, is a topic that needs to be addressed correctly.

Master Builder’s Victoria has been doing its best to address the issue regarding the cladding rectification works. Aside from providing the special bulletins about this matter, the organization has also written a letter to the Herald Sun editor which can be found here.

Part of the organization's responsibility is to keep all the members updated. But also, MBV makes it a point to find different approaches to address this issue in the best way possible, even if it means a federal one. Discussions with the Victorian Building Authority and other offices that are relevant to the issue. Collaborations with the national office and Master Builder’s Associations are done as well.

MBV believes that this is a national issue and for that reason alone, the approach must be on a national scale too. Regarding the PI insurance, the Victorian government also made some announcements about the funding. However, the state’s ministerial orders that the exclusions must be monitored and the MBV recognizes that this step is necessary.

Master Builder’s Victoria adds that “the advocacy of Master Builders Victoria may not always be visible, and we may not always appear in the media, but you can rest assured that we have a strategic approach to these issues - and most importantly - we have seat at that table of influence on your behalf.”

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