Biggest Home Design Trends in 2019

Trends change every year. What may be in now may not be what people would be into next year. You see, are short-lived. It is what is for the time being. Just like people’s preferences. But it does not mean it’s wrong to follow trends. Trends make things more fun and exciting. It is just up to you how you mix and match.

For 2019, there are quite a few home designs that made it big. Here are some of the biggest trends this year.


When it comes to making separate rooms, the most popular trend for this year has to be -clad pods. According to experts, the timber-clad pods have been popular for some time now when building a separate room or a studio. In some houses, these pod-like rooms are either used a bathroom or sometimes laundry room.


Pastel colors pretty much liven up a room. This year, pastel- kitchens became big. It all started with the pastel pink last year, which paved the way for more pastel to be used in Australian kitchens. Baby blue, soft and greens are very popular among homeowners. According to experts, pastel will only get more popular next year.


Seems like Australians are leaning into more relaxing colors or hues. In terms of bedroom colors, people are leaning more into calming palettes. Simple and calm palettes are said to be the go-to choice of a lot of homeowners for this year. Experts predict that it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, it is said to strengthen.


Statement pieces are no longer just for an outfit—they are actually starting to be the trend when designing a bathroom. Statement vanities, are very popular this year. While simple is huge this year, some homeowners spend more time making a bathroom leave a lasting impression for guests. White and simple bathroom surfaces are no longer the go-to pick this year. Distinct vanities are pretty much the top choice nowadays.


Many Australians like spending time outdoors. It’s pretty common to have outdoor living spaces because of this, but this year, the designs went up a notch. Australians are finding ways to make their outdoor living as comfortable as their indoor ones—or even more. Homeowners are now choosing living room style outdoor living spaces. Yeah, complete with comfy couches and throw pillows for a relaxing time outdoors.

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