Trends in Australia Roundup

Trends are never constant—they change all the time. They are short-lived but incredibly impactful, and often times could influence many of our choices. For example, on social media, the trending topics normally make the cultural conversation exciting so they are what is given priority. It’s the same with building and construction trends. Trends make the industry exciting so many homeowners lookout for what’s hot and what’s not.

Here are some of the trends that really shaped the building and construction industry this year—some may even extend in the next year.

Robotics, Wearable Tech, Software

In terms of building and construction, robotics has really made a huge contribution to the way things are done. Robotics such as bricklaying robot, and construction mapping have made things easier and workers work faster.

Another great innovation is the creation of wearable technology like the led wearables and work boots with GPS, motion sensors, lighting, and WIFI. This wearable tech should help project managers in monitoring all their workers.

Management software has also become a great tool in making communication within the organization much, much easier. IoT also is known as the Internet of Things is used to disseminate data faster that would improve the workflow process. It has been said that this should continue in the next few years.

Timber, pastels, calming colors, statement pieces, outdoor style

When it comes to home design, a perfect mix of muted yet loud designs have really made a huge noise among homeowners.

The timber-clad pods have been popular for some time now when building a separate room or a studio. In some houses, these pod-like rooms are either used a bathroom or sometimes laundry room.

It all started with the pastel pink last year, which paved the way for more pastel to be used in Australian kitchens. Baby blue, soft and greens are very popular among homeowners. According to experts, pastel will only get more popular next year.

Seems like Australians are leaning into more relaxing colors or hues. In terms of bedroom colors, people are leaning more into calming palettes. Simple and calm palettes are said to be the go-to choice of a lot of homeowners for this year.

Statement vanities are very popular this year. While simple is huge this year, some homeowners spend more time making a bathroom leave a lasting impression for guests.

Australians are finding ways to make their outdoor living as comfortable as their indoor ones—or even more. Homeowners are now choosing living room style outdoor living spaces.

Patterns, lighting, color, panels, flexibility

Here are some of the most popular designs for café and restaurants this year that will probably carry on until next year.

Many cafes and restaurants have been going for the 70s and 80s trend design. Neon colors are a lot more appealing to owners nowadays, and patterns on patterns are seen to be just as great. Metallic designs and glitzier colors have been dominating the trend this year as well.

Another trend that has really caught the attention of many, especially the customers, is the kind of lighting that’s flattering. Because of technology and advances in social media, customers really like to take pictures. And installing a combination of bulbs to make flattering lights will create that atmosphere millennials really enjoy. The key here is the Instagrammability factor.

Another trend that’s become huge this year is paneling. This comeback has been expected to happen for a while now, and highly likely that the wood and stone elements with accents like metal and glass.

Seating options for customers are also very big this year, for instance, more seating options that will cater to their preferences.

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