What modern prospective homebuyers look for right now

If there’s one thing that has drastically changed throughout the years, it’s the fact that people have become even busier than ever. So many things take up our time and attention and so naturally, it affects our preferences when it comes to choosing where to settle down or start a new life. Time is of the essence always.

According to many experts here are some of the top things prospective homebuyers look for in a location and a home.


Although transportation options are readily available for daily use for those who do not own a car, many are now opting to ditch their cars and prefer walking to work. Heavy traffic is always a challenge to corporate life and it’s much worse during rush hours. This is why the proximity to their work is very important. When it’s walking distance, it’s so much better—not only in terms of one’s physical health but mental health as well. Experts note that Fitzroy and Albert Park are popular because of this very reason.

Low-maintenance living

The modern economy has changed the way people look at their situations. Now, the key is to look long-term. The market is currently driven by first-time homebuyers. Experts say that these first-time homebuyers are looking for a place they could live in for the next five to seven years. For them, low-maintenance living is more ideal because it’s easier to manage and it allows them to save more. Locations that do not encourage overspending are more getting more attention now.

Green Spaces

Neighborhoods with a lot of parks, community gardens or green spaces are in demand as well. Because home buyers are concerned about the walkability factor wherein they can just walk to everything they need like grocery and shopping areas, they want green spaces where they can also hang out and smell the fresh air.

Judging by these results, it’s evident that a walkable neighborhood is a top factor that prospective homebuyers are looking for right now. This is actually in line with the Victorian government’s plan called the Plan Melbourne initiative. The Plan Melbourne program is guided by the 20-minute neighborhood—a principle wherein the residents of a community will enjoy easy access to schools, shops, transportation by walking a maximum of 800 meters to reach them.

The Plan Melbourne program will certainly allow prospective homebuyers to relish the beauty of a walkable neighborhood, as it is meant to encourage the creation of this very type of neighborhood as the city continues to evolve. The development of open and green spaces is part of the goal of sustainable living, not just in all of Melbourne, but the whole nation as well.

As the 2010s end and the 2020s begin, more ideal neighborhoods are set to emerge. Homebuyers may now choose solar electricity and in the future, electric vehicles could very well be part of this sustainable living program because of the plan to install charging stations within upcoming apartment buildings. Melbourne has all the opportunities to do that now and to make it good for everyone.

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