Outdoor Trends in 2020

Entertaining guests outdoors has always been quite popular, especially under a nice weather day. If you are fortunate enough to own a home with a beautiful patio, a garden or even a terrace you have most certainly utilized it to welcome friends and relatives to your home. The great thing about owning a home with an outdoor space is you have so much room for creativity. You can try out all these styles and follow trends at the same time add twists that will show your personality.

As for outdoor trends – well, just like any other kind of trend, they change all the time. But for this year, if you are looking into, maybe not necessarily following what’s popular but finding inspiration, here are some trends you can follow or take inspiration from this 2020.

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoors make a great kitchen extension because of the space and the ventilation. You can never go wrong with an outdoor kitchen – in fact, it’s the number one most searched outdoor trend this year. Kitchen outdoors can be done either simple or fancy. One simple outdoor kitchen idea is setting up wood tables and chairs plus a nice grill should do the trick. If you want to go fancier, maybe set up a kitchen bar, an outdoor fridge and an area where you can really do some cooking.

Garden Landscaping

Having a garden is not just about making your home aesthetically pleasing. It also does wonders for one’s mood, which is why it’s become such a popular trend. In Australia, botanical gardens are abundant and seems like they just love a good garden landscape. It’s such a cool trick to blend indoor and outdoor living into garden designs of your choice. Australian garden landscaping is one of the most search outdoor trends right now and you can always work on it the way you want it to with the help of an expert.


Lights really brightens up and opens up any home. I don’t think you can function in a house where it’s always dark and gloomy. One of the biggest outdoor trends this year is making crafts from solar lights. One great idea is making an outdoor chandelier using wire hanging basket as frame and beads, shells, or chandelier crystals. Crystals are great because they sparkle especially during nighttime. But during daytime, all you need is the sun and you’re good to go.


The outdoors is great for hanging out whether it’s daytime or nighttime. Like I have mentioned, when warm season hits, outdoors are definitely your friend. But when warm season ends, hanging out outside can be tricky so for this reason, outdoor fireplaces have become a thing. Not only do they make your outdoors fancy, it helps reduce the coldness – allowing you to still have fun under a chilling weather.

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