Upgrading Your Kitchen Without a Full Scale Renovation

Going into the new year, you might be thinking of doing some major changes in your life or maybe in your home. What else could be more satisfying than coming home to a place where you feel most comfortable after a long day?

Women - mothers and those living alone in particular, love to spend time cooking meals for themselves and loved ones. It is important to have a kitchen that’s not only functional but looks amazing too so whatever you’re doing wouldn’t exactly feel like a chore.

If you have the money for it, a full renovation is great to achieve the look you really desire. Unfortunately, it’s not always a possible route when you have limited funds. Good thing there are simple techniques to make kitchen upgrades without breaking your wallet – or your bank account for that matter.

There is a simple solution to your upgrading problem. Here are some ideas.


Trends are not always meant to be followed, but they work as inspirations or as a guide. If you would like to upgrade a part of your house but you really have no clue what you want, maybe it’s good to keep up with the trends.

For 2020, some of the most popular kitchen designs have to do with earthy textures. Ceramics, timber, rattan, and glass are possibly the most popular at the moment. Handcrafted objects are in demand as well. Also a trend these days is a combination of classic and modern. So whenever you feel like you are lost and just can figure out what you really want, know the trends to help you decide.


Probably the least expensive thing you can do to change the look and feel of a room is to opt for fresh paint. It’s such a quick upgrade that you can do without spending a lot. A full renovation normally starts at $20,000 but using paint over old surfaces or walls will make a whole lot of difference. Just make sure that the surfaces were prepped and are squeaky clean before applying paint.


Big or small, a room will always need some quality storages. There’s just not enough of them especially if you have a lot of stuff. Let’s say you have a very small room. The key is to look for every nook and cranny where you can install storage. Kitchen cabinets are the most common storage units, but you may also install free-standing shelves to store other stuff. Storage is meant to reduce clutter, and a kitchen that is well organized will always look attractive to your guests.


A lot of people under estimate the power of a well-lit kitchen. It can literally change the way your kitchen looks and feel. Update your lighting fixtures that go with the look you’re going for. Choose for the ones that are in line with the whole look of the house so it wouldn’t look too overwhelming or even underwhelming.

These are pretty much the simplest things you can do to upgrade your kitchen without shelling out a lot of money. Just always remember to be creative and ask for the help of those who actually know what they’re doing and you’re good to go.

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