Builders and Tradies – Still Open for Business

The coronavirus has caused so many changes worldwide. All of us have to adjust to the new situation to be able to ensure our safety and the others. Victoria, Melbourne was hit really hard and while there are establishments that were forced to close temporarily, it’s still business as usual for builders and tradies according to the latest media release by the Master Builder’s Victoria as advised by the government.

The news states that building and construction “remains open for business and is essential to Victoria’s recovery”. According to the Victorian Chief Health Officer, clients of this industry are still allowed to view homes and meet up with builders regarding the specifics, given that the safety precautions are observed. There’s been an ongoing directive to maintain social distancing and hygiene measures.

A two-person rule per gathering is still observed, but workers are exempted when entering private premises if it’s related to the work that will be executed.

CEO of MBV said that the Victoria Police and the DHHS are doing everything to protect the community and doing an excellent job at that. But at the same time, homeowners and property owners must know the necessary safety precautions in order to not endanger your health and anyone around you.

Is this now the best time to talk about your plans regarding your home or property?

Experts say that the answer is yes. Although we are facing a huge problem right now, all the more reason to make the move. Due to the current situation, there is a possibility that it will take a long time to schedule and approve everything related to the building work – do inspections and even proceed with the renovation itself. Now, because of the recent announcement that builders and workers are allowed to enter inside premises, given that proper hygiene and social distancing is practiced you may not have to wait too long for the renovation or building work to begin.

Home builders are helping the state recover from “significant disruption caused by the pandemic” according to Kelvin Ryan, Joint CEO and Managing Director of Simonds Group. Builders and tradespeople are seen as essential to this recovery. Because of this, increased productivity was observed from them.

In Victoria, the recorded number of residential businesses reached 102,000. This includes mum-and-dad businesses. These businesses are very important to survive, not just for the builders and their families, but the state economy as well. We all know that the COVID-19 affected the economy in such a huge way, and it’s vital that we do our best to support the businesses that could aid with the recovery, thrive. Lives and livelihood should come first.

Hillbrook Projects is open for business. For more inquiries, visit our website or our social media pages.

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