How the Victorian Government Support Workers During Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, so many people have been affected in different ways. The lockdown, that is meant to control the rapid increase of positive cases has been effective but unfortunately, many businesses were forced to stop operations. Sadly, these shutdowns and other restrictions also led to many Australians losing their jobs. Fortunately, the Victorian government is doing its very best to provide support to all workers who have suffered through all of this.

According to a recent announcement, workers such as swimming pool lifeguards, Melbourne Aquatic Centre staff, ticket staff, park staff, etc. are not qualified for the JobKeeper Program under Commonwealth Guidelines. The Victorian Government, of course, wouldn’t allow anyone to be left behind.

In the recent media release, the Victorian Government announced that workers are given “access to their usual fortnightly payments of up to $1500 before tax.” It is said to go on until September provided that they agree to be redeployed to other public sectors where there’s a higher demand for resources, which includes healthcare. The packages also include support for 3,000 workers and will be available to all workers regardless of age, which makes it different from the JobKeeper program. The package is also not limited to citizenship – whether you are a citizen or not, the package is intended for you.

According to the Victorian Government, the package is part of the public sector IR Framework which was started to help the workers and ensure that they are protected amid a pandemic, wherein so many people are affected. Lives and livelihoods have been lost in different parts of the world. The Government along with unions are committed to doing what it takes to make sure that the rights of all workers are not taken for granted.

As part of the Working for Victoria program, the government has helped 2,600 workers access new opportunities so far.

Of course, able workers are not the only ones that should be supported during this difficult time. A lot of us also forget about people with disability and their careers. The Victorian Government did a funding boost to support Victorians with disabilities.

According to the Minister for Disability, Ageing, and Carers, and an additional $17 million will be provided to ensure that these people are given the help that they need. The coronavirus is said to pose an increased risk to people with disabilities, which is why the Victorian Government is investing $2.2 million in advocacy organizations.

Organizations that are helping Victorians with psychosocial disabilities are set to receive $4 million in funding to further extend their reach and help them transition their business model to NDIS. Furthermore, “Another $1.7 million will support the needs of people with disability in the forensic disability, youth justice, and adult prison systems.”

The Government also decided to expand the Department of Health and Human Service Intensive Support Team to support Victorians, especially those with complex needs that are struggling to access NDIS. Not only does the Government will partner with the Victorian Disability Advisory Council to make it work, but they will also do this hand in hand with disability community representatives during this trying time for all.

Thousands of workers in different sectors need all the support they can get. We, at Hillbrook Projects, are making sure that our team gets all the protection they deserve, healthwise and monetary-wise. We are always ready to partner with organizations to help the economy get back on its feet.

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