How Victoria Ensures More Jobs for Residents

The pandemic has caused so many people to lose their jobs temporarily or worse, permanently. This case is not only limited to Australia, but the whole world. It’s such a difficult battle we are facing right now because it’s invisible to the naked eye. According to recent studies regarding the impact of COVID-19, it created another pandemic called the financial anxiety.

The country is going through such turmoil that so many individuals are fearing whether they still have a job when all of this is over and they have enough to make ends meet until they find a new one. The fact that the stock market is falling rapidly makes things even more problematic for all of us. This global pandemic creates different kinds of anxieties that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The Victorian Government has made a point to prioritize workers and would do what it takes to get thousands back to work. We are facing the biggest economic challenge thus far and there is a need for different industries to adapt. The government is doing its best to drive new economic activity.

We have recently stated the importance of the building and construction industry to the recovery of the economy according to experts. New projects would mean new jobs will be created and the Government has acknowledged that. The Government launched the first part of the Building Works package which was said to “provide $2.7 billion towards shovel-ready projects – big and small – to get thousands of people back to work.”

This package is meant to create 3,700 jobs for Victorians. Such jobs would specifically benefit construction workers, painters, plasterers, gardeners, engineers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, maintenance workers, administration staff, and many others according to a recent press report. Additionally, the Government has promised that thousands more jobs will be created across supply chains which would also include the manufacturing industry, logistics, transportation, warehousing, and retail. These industries will for sure help the economy to recover.

What else does the Building Works package cover?

Education Infrastructure Projects

This project aims to give over 21,000 students a space in Victoria’s education system.

New School Projects

The package also covers new projects that will create 16,000 local construction jobs. According to a recent media release, 10 new school projects will be built and about 57 others will be modernized and upgraded. Modification of school buildings for students with disabilities will be prioritized as well.

Small Projects

While solid projects are the most needed right now, smaller projects will be greatly appreciated especially by those who are in dire need of a job.

Public & Community Housing

The Government allotted half a billion dollars to upgrade 23,000 dwellings as well as build 168 new homes across the state of Victoria.

*Funding is also allocated to local sports funding upgrades, waterways, maintenance projects, tree planting, and graffiti removal.

As long as everything is not yet back to normal, there are things to do for the economy to recover. The world will continue to adapt in the next coming months. The Victorian Government will have to do its best to keep the momentum going. Hillbrook Projects will be ready as the state and the country build to recovery.

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