The State of Emergency in Victoria extended for four weeks

Victoria becoming the country’s epicenter of coronavirus forced the hand of the Victorian Government to declare state of emergency. The regulations have become stricter to slow down the spread of the virus. As of this writing, there are 16,764 confirmed cases; 8,570 of which have recovered while 309 have died. While the numbers are indicating that recovery supersedes the mortality rate, it’s still very important that we make great efforts to further slow it down.

The state of emergency was declared in the state of Melbourne and Regional Victoria beginning the 2nd of August – and will go on until September 13th. So, since August 2, the state has been under Stage 4 and Stage 3 restrictions. Now, the government has decided to extend the lockdown to September 13th at 11:59pm. This is a critical time for the nation, and everyone must follow directions to a T.

Living in Stage 4 restrictions are indeed difficult to live with. However, it’s the best weapon we have right now especially because we are in a battle against an invisible opponent. As per the guidelines, Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne would mean that curfew hours of 8pm to 5am must be observed at all times. Under no circumstance is anyone allowed to go out unless it is for work, medical care, or caregiving. As such, only permitted workers are allowed to attend work premises.

As we have mentioned, although the number of cases indicates that there are more recoveries than fatalities, the government cannot risk the lives of the population which is why the extension is necessary. According to the media release, the extension allows the Victorian Government to enforce “physical distancing and isolation requirements as well as other directions from the Chief Health Officer (CHO).” As per usual, Victoria Police has strong powers to enforce these restrictions and regulations.

Those who will breach and do not comply with the regulations should expect the following sanctions

  • On the spot fine of up to $1,652 for individuals;

  • On the spot fine of up to $9,913 for businesses;

  • Could be taken to court;

  • A fine of up to $20,000 for guilty individuals;

  • A fine of up to $100,000 for companies

Premier Daniel Andrews says,” I thank every Victorian who is part of our massive team keeping our community safe – you can thank them too by following the rules, which will see us all get through the pandemic.”

We understand that the lockdown, as well as these sanctions, are important to implement so people would take the rules seriously. As for our company, Hillbrook Projects, we will do everything in our power to make sure that everyone in our workplace remains safe and we will see to it that regulations are observed. We understand that there is no room for complacency and our priority is to provide services and jobs without putting anyone’s health and safety at risk.

For more information about our operations and projects, check out our website and kindly leave us a message.

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