A quick rundown on the stricter Stage 3 COVID19 regulations in Victoria

Last August 2 at 6pm, the Victorian Government announced that Melbourne will enter Stage 4 restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak in the whole state. And so far, people have mixed feelings about it especially after adding that there will be a four-week extension. There were quite a few confusion surrounding it even after on the 3rd week of lockdown. As for Regional Victoria, an announcement of Stage 3 lockdown.

So for more clarifications, here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know such as how it will affect you and how you operate your business.

When did the lockdown in Regional Victoria begin?

The lockdown started on the 5th of August at 11:59pm. The lockdown would mean the effectivity of curfew hours. Individuals are all required to stay home unless there is an absolute need to go out due to work, study, care, caregiving related reasons as well as shopping for essential items. Otherwise, going out is strictly prohibited.

Work from home set up rules

Companies are highly encouraged to allow their employees to work from home. Employers must support their workers during this transition.

Masks are still mandatory

Right now, since the virus is novel, prevention is our only weapon of choice. Scientists and medical professionals still find that face masks are necessary to keep yourself from being infected by the virus. In other countries, face masks and face shields are worn at the same time whenever in public.

However, people with medical conditions and children under the age of 12 are exempted.

In school, teachers are not required to wear one when teaching, but students are. Both are required to wear when outdoors.

Visitor rules

Unfortunately, the Andrews Government does not allow visitors to visit other houses unless it is for caregiving purposes. As for people in a relationship, so far there is no mandate that it is prohibited.

Dine-in rules

At the moment, takeaways and deliveries are the only services allowed. Dine-ins are temporarily suspended.

What about shops?

Trading is allowed but density rules are applied. Going to shops to buy food and essential items are allowed as well. Other than that, it’s still strictly prohibited.

Pubs, bars, nightclubs will remain closed for the time being as well as salons, spas, and entertainment venues. Public libraries and community venues are allowed to open provided that they will only be used for essential services, weddings, and funerals.

Exercise rules

The answer is yes, but only in an open space. Gyms, pools, etc. are closed.

School rules

Remote learning will still be a mandatory thing, except for children of permitted works and vulnerable children. Specialist schools, childcare, and kinder will not close.

Traveling rules

Traveling within regional Victoria is allowed for purposes stated above. So, no holiday vacation until the lockdown is lifted.

According to the latest news, the rising of COVID cases seems to be slowing down and the Andrews Government is thanking the restrictions for that. Lower cases are seen every day which is a good thing. The restrictions are extended for four weeks so expect that these rules will be allowed for much longer.

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