Roadmap for the re-opening of industries out of strict restrictions to be released

Almost a month ago, the whole of Victoria has declared a state of emergency and Melbourne entered Stage 4 restrictions wherein a list of stricter restrictions are to be implemented. This implementation was due to the spike in coronavirus cases in the state. Currently, there are about 19,080 positive cases with 15,814 recoveries and 565 deaths. But seems like the state is almost ready to start to go back to more relaxed conditions, provided that the infection data in the coming weeks wouldn’t be too worrisome.

Just what we have mentioned, the Premiere has yet to decide on a date when the restrictions will be eased, but the roadmap for the re-opening of industries is said to be released this coming Sunday, September 7th.

The Premiere released an outline of six key principles for a COVID-safe return. Below are four of the six principles that are already operating in most industries, including construction and building.

  • Physical/social distancing, work from home if possible;

  • Anyone with COVID symptoms must stay home and control any close contacts;

  • Sanitation of workplaces, constant handwashing, and regular cleaning;

  • Wearing of mask and PPE

The two additional principles are said to be formalised over this week. The following are:

  • Workforce bubbles or limitation of site crossover to limit the spread of contacts in case there are positive cases;

  • Reduction of employees in enclosed spaces together;

There’s a set of guidelines for everyone in the industry to follow and observe. The MBV has released revision 7 of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines for the Building and Construction Industry. Check it out here.

Right now, what re-opening of industries would look like is still unclear but in the coming days, MBV has promised to keep working with the Government to shape its form in the future even in the midst of a pandemic. In the meantime, safety precautions and protocols must be followed. Living during this time could be a struggle to so many but it is imperative to do what it takes to keep everyone safe. As a community, it is our duty to be informed to be able to do what is necessary. Check out our blogs for more updates.

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