Bill to extend state of emergency provision for six month now passed

About a month ago, the Victorian Government placed the whole state of Victoria in a state of emergency because of the spike in coronavirus cases. Victoria became the epicenter of the virus forced the government to do something quickly in order to control the rise of the positive cases. Otherwise, it’s just going to be a bigger problem than it already is.

As highlighted last week, the State Parliament made a decision and voted on a bill from the government to extend the state of emergency provisions. Initially, the provisions will expire on the 13th of September along with the easing out of Stage 3 and 4 restrictions. But with the passing of the bill which originally called for a 12-month extension, the extension of the provision is only going to be for six months.

So to be able to provide more clarifications about this, here is a quick rundown of what this provision is about.

  • It does not mean that the restrictions in the state that comes with the State of Emergency will be extended for six more weeks after it ends on September 13th, but the bill gives the provision to do so

  • Each month, the Victorian Government will have to justify the extension in Parliament for as long as it is in state of emergency

  • Even without taking it to Parliament, the extension allows the Government to strictly implement the health response rules and regulations such as wearing face masks, physical distancing, and businesses to follow COVIDSafe plans

  • Current restrictions are not necessarily extended for six months

  • The roadmap plan for businesses and workers should not be affected but it can be implemented under the said extension

Workers and businesses that have been affected by the pandemic have been able to receive some support from the Government JobKeeper Payment program. For more information, check out this link.

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