More clarifications on the released roadmap for reopening of industries out of restrictions

On Sunday, the Premier presented the roadmap out of the Stage 4 restrictions. This was to reopen the industries in an orderly and efficient fashion. The Victorian Government declared a state of emergency following the recent rise in coronavirus cases. With this come stricter restrictions not just for the individuals but for businesses as well – including building and construction companies.

While the restrictions are very necessary to slow down the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe, there is no surprise that the restrictions have made things much more complex and difficult for so many businesses. The building and construction industry is overwhelmed at the moment. We are very busy because our sites are at 25% capacity and we were already at maximum capacity so the work is there but we aren’t allowed to run at 100%.

Another challenge is managing the trades on site. As we can only have 25% of the workforce on our job sites it means that our construction programs are getting delayed. The following trade is getting pushed back due to workflow slowing down.

The recently released roadmap has included some adjustments and clarifications regarding the roadmap that was released last Sunday, September 6th. After some further analysis by the MBV, here are some clarifications regarding the changes that will be made as the restrictions are eased into RESTRICTED from HEAVILY RESTRICTED.


  • On-site/office-based activities to resume with density quotient applied - Does not apply until 'Open with COVID-Safe plan' stage, 26 October, instead;

  • Corporate staff should work remotely and all site offices to apply density quotient - Applies to the restricted stage, 28 September

  • Display homes open by appointment only with physical distancing and density quotient for enclosed spaces, temperature testing, and contact tracing procedures – Does not apply until 'Open with COVID-Safe plan' stage, 26 October

  • The supply and install of building materials are exempt from the workforce limits providing that the workgroup is kept separate from other workers – Does not apply to the restricted or 'Open with a COVID-Safe plan' stages. MBV will continue to make representation to the government on this issue.


  • On-site /office-based activities to resume with density quotient applied, and workers encouraged to work from home when possible - Does not apply until Green stage, 26 October

On September 7th, Master Builders Victoria CEO Rebecca Casson was a co-signatory with the UDIA and the Property Council of Australia on a letter to the Premier regarding the restrictions on certain properties and offices. The letter is to call on the Victorian Government to immediately prioritise the “re-opening of display homes, land sales offices, sales suites, and open-for-inspections, for sale and rental on an appointment basis.” This comes after the announcement that these settings will remain HEAVILY RESTRICTED and RESTRICTED as stated in the said roadmap.

In addition, this call is to give the new housing industry a chance at rebuilding the sales pipeline and lock in a forward workbook for the domestic building industry. Hopefully, this letter will shed some light on this very important matter. For the full letter, click on this link.

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