A few updates on the changes as restrictions in Regional Victoria are eased out

Last week, we posted an article about the Victorian Government’s decision to ease the restrictions in regional Victoria beginning 11:59pm on September 16th. Of course, so many things have to change. The COVID-normal return would mean that everyone – as in everyone, will have to live with the virus and have to operate knowing the risks present. And also, as always, proceed with utmost caution every step of the way, meaning follow protocols and safety precautions to slow down the spread of the virus.

Now those restrictions are eased, here are some of the most critical updates on the issues raised by many workers and business owners in the construction and building industry. This information was released to shed light on confusing matters.


Master Builders Victoria wrote to the Premier regarding the opening of Display Homes and the Victorian Government has finally adjusted the restrictions on the display homes while still subject to density requirements. Now, Display Homes are open even without an appointment in Regional Victoria but subject in DHHS rules that include cleaning, signage, and density. Previously, they were only allowed to be viewed after setting an appointment. With the easing of restrictions, this is a positive sign for other areas when restrictions are eased.

The Government still urges those in Regional Victoria to consider whether it is actually necessary to attend the display suite, as well as set the limit of the number of trips and do ways to minimise the risk of transmission. Check out this link for detailed information.


The impacts of COVID19 halted projects and pushed back so many events of different industries. It also delayed so many plans, which is why certain adjustments must be made. The mandatory registrations and licensing of tradespeople have been postponed until the beginning of 2022. The release of a regulatory impact statement and draft regulations are expected in the first quarter of 2021.

Even though the postponement was approved, the MBV urges members to prepare well for it in advance. The proposed trades registration and licensing scheme indicate that carpentry will be the first trade to be considered which means the following:

- A carpenter will need to be registered if they run their own business and subcontract to builder or clients;

- A carpenter will need to be licensed if they are an employee.

All the changes when restrictions were eased relate more to socializing and hospitality in regional areas, which include that the going out of your house is no longer just limited to four reasons. Social gatherings are increased to a maximum of 10 people outdoors and 5 indoors. Tourist accommodations are now open but are only available to those who live within regional Victoria and community sport is now back for children; non-contact for adults.

The boundaries of Regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne have not been changed. For more information and details, you can check out the full announcement here.

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