An update on further easing of restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne

So many of this year’s great moments seem to have just passed us by because of the pandemic. The things we were so used to until early this year are no longer as easy to enjoy. We have so many things to consider nowadays – and our primary concern right now is to keep everyone safe from the virus.

After months and months of practicing safety protocols and staying apart when the state was placed in lockdown, the metropolitan Melbourne things have opened industries and eased restrictions. The Victorian government has decided to further ease the restrictions on Sunday, November 8th, 2020. This meant that people have been granted more freedom to spent time with their friends and family outside of their homes. Plus, the boundary separating Melbourne and regional Victoria has now come down.

Here are some of the updated new changes for Melburnians.

  • The state is no longer under a state of disaster;

  • The 25km radius restriction is no longer in effect;

  • Some industries are now open but still subject to density quotient such as display homes not intended for residential purposes;

  • Up to 10 people may now attend an inspection (1 person every four sq. meters);

  • Real estate rules apply where homes are for sale;

What should be maintained along with the one person every four square meter rule? Here are the following.

  • Physical distancing of 1.5 meters from each other at all times;

  • Regular cleaning;

  • Displaying relevant signage;

  • For contact tracing purposes, a record of name and contact details;

  • The COVIDSafe plan

Indoor auctions are allowed provided that it will be subject to the density quotient. The maximum allowed is 20 people. Outdoor auctions will be allowed to 50 people, excluding infants under 12 months.

What about those who travel for work?

Individuals who travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria is now permitted to do so, which means travel permits are no longer required. The 25kms radius and the work permit have also been removed.

State borders still remain so the New South Wales/Victoria border is scheduled for the November 23rd opening at 12:01am. This means that only then will workers from metropolitan Melbourne will be able to cross the Victoria border without their permission. The opening of South Australia borders is yet to be announced. Other changes will be applied on the 22nd of November.

For the complete roadmap, you may access it here.

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