An update on workplace directions and remaining questions

For the past several months, Melbourne has seen strict restrictions as it was put in lockdown to slow down the spread of the virus. Now, the city is ready to open all its businesses and industries. On October 28th, the government released its workplace directions coinciding with the industry’s return to full capacity in Metropolitan Melbourne.

Here are some of the important information you will need to move to full capacity.

  • New set of rules for the industry’s return. The Workplace Directions can be seen here;

  • Stay Safe Directions were released, which was previously called Stay at Home Directions;

  • Metro-Regional Work Travel Permit Scheme Directions were also released. They can be accessed here;

  • Permits for Metropolitan Melbourne workers traveling to Regional Victoria have also been put out and can be accessed here;

  • Under the easing of restrictions, a COVIDSafe plan should be in place. Information is available here;

  • Check out some FAQs that will address further questions relating to the easing of restrictions here.

On worker permits

Worker permits are only required for workers who need to travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria back and forth for work. Open businesses are allowed to issue work Permitted Work Permit.

On internal and external works

Construction activities external to premises are permitted to proceed at all sites, while internal works are permitted under the Third Step provided that rules will be observed such as physical barriers between workers and occupants. Occupiers may also vacate the premises temporarily for the whole duration of the project.

On residential construction

As for residential construction, it may be allowed to undertake by people living in their primary household provided that work is conducted solely by those who reside in the household and visitors they permit.

Professional construction workers may also perform internal and residential construction just as long as it is possible to create a physical barrier that will separate the workers and the occupants. The occupants may also vacate the premises while the work is in progress.

On new construction contracts

Construction contracts can be signed and begin under the Third Step provided that employers have a COVIDSafe plan for each worksite. All employees must comply with the plan and the basic safety precautions.

On gardening, landscaping, and garden maintenance

Gardening is allowed to resume in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria under the Third Step. However, it should be subject to density quotients wherein one person is allowed per four square meters to ensure that safety is observed. Work from home if possible is still highly encouraged but in case that working on site is needed, all work must be done contact-free.

Again, COVIDSafe Plan should be in place.

On builders

Builders are allowed to attend sites to tender projects provided that safety precautions are observed and physical distance is maintained. It is highly encouraged to just do video conferencing, but if in case presence is required COVIDSafe Plans must be adhered to.

On renovations

Fully vacated premises may proceed just as long as COVIDSafe Plans are in place and adhered to. As for construction activities, it is allowed if work is performed outside the residential premises like garages and rooftops.

For additional information relevant to the easing out of restrictions you may visit this link.

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