Easing of restrictions in Melbourne: all the changes and what it means for Melburnians

About a couple of weeks ago, we have posted about the easing of restrictions in Regional Victoria as announced by the Victorian Government – and now, it looks like Melbourne has followed suit. Premier Daniel Andrews announced that there will be easing of restrictions beginning September 28th 2020. Here are a few changes that will take place under the second step of the roadmap reopening.


For the six weeks that the state of Melbourne was under tight restrictions, curfew was implemented. Starting at 5am on September 28th, the curfew will no longer become effective. However, those who will not follow other regulations and commit unlawful indoor and outdoor gatherings will be fined almost $5,000.


Outdoor exercise is still allowed provided that they are within the 5-kilometre radius of their workplaces if they are working on-site and the same for when you are working from home. If you are going to do exercise near your place of work, it is necessary to carry your essential worker permit. Outdoor exercise time is still limited to two hours and not all facilities will open such as tennis and bowls club.

Those without facilities such as fishing and hiking will be allowed while still following the 5-km radius; while outdoor pools are allowed to operate with conditions.

As for personal training, the limit of two people plus one personal trainer is allowed.


Small public gatherings are allowed, provided that only five people from no more than two households are allowed to gather outside. Babies under 12 months old are still strictly prohibited.

For weddings, outdoor weddings are allowed with a limit of five people including the couple and two witnesses. Following the same limit, other outdoor religious gatherings, ceremonies, and visits to cemeteries and resting places are allowed under subject to conditions.

10 people are allowed to attend funerals including the ones conducting the service.

The one-person limit to do essential shopping will be lifted, but still under the 5-km radius.


Gardening, landscaping, and garden maintenance are allowed to operate provided that they adhere to COVID-safe plans. However, working in teams is still deemed unsafe so this is still subject for approval depending on the sole trader business.


The government has not announced any effective changes for hospitality and accommodation businesses in Melbourne, which means restaurants and cafes may only allow takeaways and deliveries.

Hotels, Airbnbs, and accommodation providers are still not allowed to operate unless under specific circumstances.

Retail and personal services remain closed, plus non-essential shops like IKEA and Bunnings. As for libraries, no changes are applied.

Although restrictions are eased, it is still important to remember that wearing of face masks/shields is required. Proper hygiene and physical distancing are the two most effective preventive measures to follow during this pandemic. We will probably have to deal with this invisible enemy for a long time, might as well live like everyone is a PUI to keep the virus from claiming more lives.

For more information regarding the new changes to different industries, you may check out this link.

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