More About the Housing Building Boom in Victoria and What It Means for the State

Ever since the unfortunate events that had occurred last year, the future has never been so bleak. There’s so much uncertainty because of everything that had transpired that took all of us by surprise. Who would have thought that we would suddenly be forced to stay indoors and be restricted to see other people? The sudden shift in our lifestyle from active to passive was something nobody had ever expected so it makes sense why people may doubt what the future holds. Good thing that there has been some progress in terms of economic recovery with the new plans and projects set to begin.

The Andrews Labor Government is currently prioritizing the construction and building industry to support the economy’s recovery with new homes across the state of Victoria. With these new projects, comes the creation of new jobs for everyone. On April 18th, Minister for Housing Richard Wynne announced a generous amount that will be allotted for rapid response housing projects that will deliver at least 239 new homes all across the state of Victoria. This $80 million investment plus a $20 million additional investment is also set to build new social and affordable homes in Werribee.

The projects mentioned will be developed near community infrastructure including public transport and also close to the Werribee. The project that is said to be costing about $30 million is set to commence in late April 2021 and is expected to be fully completed by 2022.

The company that is said to manage the homes is Unison and has made a $10 million contribution to the project in partnership with Jesuit Social Services, Bolton Clarke’s Homeless Person’s Program, and the Wyndham Health Housing and Homelessness (H3) Alliance.

Not only are new housing projects under the rapid response housing program. A $6.5 million autistic student, respite, crisis, and permanent residential care hub in Mansfield as well as $3.5 million allotted for safe and stable housing specifically created for young Victorians. This project is part of the Government’s investment to help create jobs and homes for individuals living in Victoria. Previously, the government had also begun the Big Housing Build which promised housing investments. As a construction and building business, we believe that this was a necessary move to help the economy.

It has been over a year since the pandemic and although the country has since, moved forward with the restrictions eased out, we still believe that there’s a long way to go in terms of really going back to our normal lives. But right now, there must be projects that will enable our workforce to continue working plus the support that those at risk of homelessness will be provided.

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