More Jobs in Victoria: How the State Will Boost Economy

It has been a year since the lockdown was imposed. So much has already happened – businesses had to shut down, jobs lost, people lost homes so it is only natural if people are afraid of what the future holds. Fortunately, in Victoria industries have opened back up including construction and building. Things seem to be looking up for Victorians as the Victorian government promises even more projects for everyone. About 30 new infrastructure projects to begin across the state. According to the latest media release, an investment of $46 million will be allotted to create jobs in construction focused in Rutherglen, Castlemaine, and Swan Hill.

As for Job growth in the state, the good news is that it continues to grow. As it recovers from the global pandemic that has affected every one of us for over a year now, Victoria’s job growth climbs continually with about 236,800 jobs created since September last year. In February alone, about 26,600 people have found employment according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In addition, unemployment fell to 5.6 percent after its peak at 7.5 percent in June of 2020. This just shows that Australia, particularly Victoria is on the right track to actually reach the target of creating 400,000 by the year 2025 which is 4 years from now. Looks like with the latest results, the interim target of 200,000 new jobs by 2022 is in fact, achievable.

Victoria’s Economy Continues to Bounce Back with More Jobs

The Victorian Government made sure that the 2020/2021 budget includes a Jobs Plan as the primary focus because of how important it is for workers to find certainty and security for themselves and their families, plus, more jobs would mean faster economic recovery.

The Big Housing Build Project 2021

Victoria is being considered as the top state in terms of creating jobs for Australians. Records show that it has created more jobs than anywhere else in the country, which is something that we should all take pride in. Creating more jobs and opportunities for investors to start businesses will make such a huge difference to individuals all over the nation.

Treasurer Tim Pallas says that the incredible efforts of Victorians, plus record investments really made it possible. The interim target of 200,000 has been exceeded, which was not at all expected. The latest figures dictate that strong employment growth for the past few months will play such a crucial role in the overall recovery and looks very promising at that. Hillbrook Projects will partner in any way to build more jobs for Victorians.

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