New updates on the easing out of restrictions in Victoria (travel, outdoor, etc.)

After more than 100 days of strict lockdown, Melbourne is now eased out of its restrictions. Last September 16th, Premier Daniel Andrews announced the easing of restrictions in Victoria. Industries were allowed to continue its operations provided that safety precautions are still observed. Key features of the changes implemented focused largely on how the industries will function. On October 18th, more changes were announced as Melbourne’s travel radius has been extended from 5 meters to 25 kilometers.

The announced relaxed set of restrictions allows more freedom for Melburnians. Restrictions on social and recreational activities are now relaxed so residents in Melbourne and Regional Victoria can do more.

Here are the changes that have started to take effect:

  • No more two-hour time limit for exercising and socializing;

  • Groups from two households, up to people are now allowed to gather outdoors;

  • Tennis courts, golf courses, skate parks, and other outdoor sports settings are now open for public use;

  • Up to 30 swimmers now allowed to use outdoor swimming pools;

  • Hairdressers are now allowed to operate;

  • Outdoor real estate auctions will be allowed to with up to 10 people excluding staff;

  • Non-essential outdoor home maintenance is allowed with up to five workers;

  • Face-to-face consultations at allied health services are now allowed

Face masks, face shields, and social distancing must be observed at all times. Work from home setups is still highly encouraged.

The Premiere added that restrictions in Melbourne could change by November 2 and more restrictions will be eased. Starting November 2, Melburnians are allowed to leave their homes for any reason as opposed to the previous mandate that there are only four reasons to be allowed to go outside.

  • Visitation of other people’s homes is also now permitted but with limits up to 2 people. Here are other changes that will commence by November.

  • Retail, beauty, and personal services will be allowed to open;

  • Hospitality businesses will be allowed to seat patrons including inside;

  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs will be allowed to host one person for every 4 square meters with a limit of 10 every indoor space and 20 maximum indoors;

  • Outdoors will be allowed 1 person per 2 square meters, up to 50 patrons max;

  • Groups will be capped at 10 people, seated 1.5 meters from others

2020 is indeed such a challenging year for all of us because of the coronavirus. While these restrictions will remain in place much longer than we had all anticipated, this is a good step in making sure that the virus will be contained. According to Premier Andrews, “the decision to expand the radius to 25km was made on the basis that a smaller expansion of 10km would not be of many benefits to people.” Having said that, we must follow the safety protocols we have been used to all these months. This is our way to help the government to fight and win the battle against this invisible enemy.

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