On the announced temporary border controls with South Australia

While Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne is enjoying more freedom after recently easing out restrictions, South Australia is currently experiencing a coronavirus outbreak which is why the Victorian Government is taking action to protect what the state has achieved for 20 days. If you have not heard, Victoria has not recorded a case for 20 days and it’s such an incredible achievement. However, the state values this achievement so there will be temporary border controls that have been in effect since yesterday, November 19th at 11:59pm.

The Victorian Government released a statement regarding this matter. On November 17th, reports circulated about fragments of the virus that causes the coronavirus was seen in untreated water taken from Portland and Benaballa wastewater treatment plants. Concerns surrounding this matter elevated after the preliminary positive results were released considering that no coronavirus related illness or diagnosis from the area was previously detected.

Residents as well as anyone who has visited the two areas between 15th to 17th of November with symptoms of is urged to isolate and get tested.

Here are other changes to be mindful of while there is temporary border control.

  • The temporary border control will go on for 48 hours and a permit system will be in effect by November 21st, Saturday at 11:59pm.

  • Only freight drivers plus those needed for emergency reasons, urgent animal welfare provided that it was legally authorized will be allowed to pass through the border;

  • Checkpoints will be established on roads between Victoria and South Australia;

  • Interstate truck drivers traveling through said states will be offered an extra testing site at Nhil on the Western Highway. Across Victoria, drivers may be tested at over 193 sites.

The outbreak will be monitored closely according to the new media release from the Victorian Government. Right now, it’s necessary to take the necessary actions to keep everyone safe. As per Premier Daniel Andrews, “Victorians have worked too hard and given too much to allow anything to put at risk our goal of reaching COVID Normal by Christmas. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep Victorians safe.”

Like what we have said many times before, this year has been quite challenging, not just to our industry but to others as well. It’s an incredible feat that Victoria was able to keep numbers from growing. We must do our part to keep everyone safe from this virus until the vaccine is available for everyone.

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