What to know about the wage subsidy for apprentices/trainees from the federal government

Just last week, we posted on our social media accounts that we are accepting trainees for those who want to learn the ropes of the business, particularly in the construction industry. The construction and building industry is involved in both commercial and residential properties. Right now, it’s deemed to be such an important part of the economy’s recovery, which is why the Federal Government started programs to help businesses and residents.

On the 4th of October, the Federal Government announced a $1.2 billion wage subsidy for apprentices. This announcement was made ahead of the full outline of the Federal Budget released on the 5th of October. The funding is specifically designed to help those who had to leave school find employment in the trades, which has now reached over 100,000. According to the announced media release, the construction and building industry can access the grants, where eligible, that will subsidise half of the apprentices' first-year wage starting October 5th, 2020 to September 30th, 2021.

The wage subsidy program can be found similar to the one first announced in March and was extended till July, which was designed to support those who have lost their jobs during this pandemic.

Here are a few important details to know about the wage subsidy for apprentices/trainees

  • Only apprentices/trainees hired from October 5th by GTOs are eligible;

  • The subsidy is available to businesses of any size (GTOs are eligible;

  • The Federal Government will pay half of the apprentice/trainee’s wage until September 30th next year.

  • Payments will be made quarterly in arrears;

  • Employers will need to choose which subsidy to access if they are eligible for more than one. However, they will not be able to access this in addition to the SAT scheme and JobKeeper.

You may find the Federal Government Fact Sheet here.

Building groups welcomed the announcement. The Australian Chamber of Commerce even commented that “it was pleasing to see the program available to businesses of all sizes.” They added that this could help restore the apprenticeship system.

Rebuilding the economy after months of fighting the spread of the coronavirus can be challenging. This year, we have seen so many disappointing turnouts all throughout the globe. We all must do our part to make sure that no one gets left behind – especially in this time of uncertainty. This program definitely comes at the right time after the restrictions are eased. It would encourage individuals who were affected by the pandemic that there is hope and better days are ahead.

Hillbrook Projects is currently accepting applications for apprentice-carpenters. If you want to expand your skills, leave us a message on our website or on our social media pages.

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