Celebrating three generations of quality craftsmanship

Founded in the 1950s by our Grandfather Giuseppe “Joe” Brunato – a young carpenter from Italy – we are inspired by our lineage of building towards a better future. For 13 years we have established a reputation as a premium and reliable construction services for projects across Victoria.

Through our sound approach to quality, innovation and accessibility, we seek opportunities to enrich our local communities with spaces that host the most special moments that life can offer. We always strive for excellence and world-class standards in our business, and treat our team of contractors, partners, collaborators, and clients like family.

Across commercial, residential and custom builds, Hillbrook Projects fosters connection through property development that brings us together. We believe mindful construction can positively impact our collective quality of life, and we work tirelessly to elevate the standards of what a modern approach to development can look like.

We are proud members of the Master Builders Greener Living program and affiliates of @ndis_australia.

A Better Way to Build

A conscious and considerate approach to every project

Step 1: Resear​​ch
First, a friendly meet and greet so we can really get to know each other. We learn more about your budget, timelines, objectives and desired outcome, you get comfortable with our processes, lead times and project collaborators.

Step 2: Advise
Next, we gather all the information we need about the project and its constraints which enable us to guide you in the right direction based on your budget and goals.

Step 3: Plan
Now that all these boxes are happily ticked, we get busy at the drawing board, drafting up specifics to ensure we’re providing value from head to toe of your project.

Step 4: Build
Once all the ‘i’s are dotted and the dotted lines are signed, it’s time to start your build. To do this, we obtain the necessary permits and insurances and procure our construction timetable, onboard our suppliers and team and press play.

Step 5: Success
That ‘sit back and soak it in moment’ where we finalize the construction and conduct our defect and quality control process. To finish, we get photography and videography for each project to share it with our community to champion each project.