Hillbrook: Where being part of the team means being part of the family

Founded in the 1950s by our Grandfather Giuseppe “Joe” Brunato – a young carpenter from Italy – we are inspired by our lineage of building towards a better future. For 13 years we have established a reputation as a premium and reliable construction services for projects across Victoria.

Ben Fletcher

Site Manager

Meet Ben Fletcher, our legendary Site Manager overseeing projects in Geelong & Bellarine. With over a decade of experience in building and carpentry, Ben's attention to detail ensures best-in-class results. He embodies precision, striving for ‘perfect’ in every aspect of his work. Beyond his professional skills, Ben is a superhero dad, creating extraordinary experiences for his children. Balancing skyscrapers and playdates, this top bloke effortlessly blends construction and family life like a champ.

Ben Grant

Site Manager

Meet Ben Grant, our South East Site Manager, known not only for his construction skills but also for his striking beard. Beyond crafting architectural masterpieces, Ben is known to unleash comic relief on the cricket pitch, leaving fielders bewildered by his unique batting style. His sensational beard has become his trademark, serving as a symbol of his distinctive personality. With his honesty, loyalty, and a generous dash of ‘she’ll be right,’ Ben always delivers on his promises.

Caleb Horne

Project Manager

Meet Caleb Horne, our jack-of-all-trades Project Manager at Hillbrook. With his carpentry background and management skills, Caleb is a force to be reckoned with. He's not just a desk jockey; Caleb's hands-on approach ensures that every project is executed with precision and top-notch quality. His experience, keen eye for detail, and problem-solving abilities are the secret sauce to Hillbrook’s ongoing success. Caleb's dedication to delivering exceptional results and his natural ability to lead teams make him an invaluable member of our crew.

Campbell McLeod

Project Director

Meet Campbell McLeod, our experienced Project Director. With an impressive portfolio spanning over 15 years, Campbell has transformed countless projects across Melbourne with his top-notch skills. But there's more to him than his professional side—when he's not busy leading our team of project managers and keeping our clients happy, you'll find Campbell indulging in his passion for golf. He's a multitasking maestro who effortlessly balances organization and a seriously powerful swing.

Chris Seaborn

Commercial Site Manager

Meet Chris Seaborn, our UK-born Commercial Site Manager. With his la-di-da accent and top-notch carpentry skills, he's got the whole package. When he's not running projects, you'll find him foreseeing his joinery expertise, crafting custom furniture and pouring his heart into every piece. But that's not all—Chris’s infectious laughter and witty banter create a fun vibe on the job site that is hard to beat. The definition of a true gentleman, and we’re always stoked to have him on our team.

Daniel Greganic

Site Manager

Meet Daniel Greganic, our Croatian carpenter and North West Site Manager. With 20+ years of experience, Daniel's expertise shines through his impeccable craftsmanship. A true Renaissance Man with a year-round tan he reflects his dedication to travel, alongside seamlessly combining his building mastery with captivating soccer skills on the construction site. Off-duty, Daniel shares his construction wisdom with his family, fostering a love for the trade in the next generations.

Daniel Lo Bello

Site Manager

Meet Daniel Lo Bello, our fiery Italian Site Manager. Leading the North Side team, his talent for building architectural wonders shines brighter than a tinny on a hot summer’s day. With 15+ years of experience, Daniel's craftsmanship is exceptional, orchestrating projects like clockwork. Off the site, he embraces his role as a dedicated family man. A meeting with Dan means you’re in for vibrant Italian comedy, with laughter, pasta, and animated gestures running on tap.

Freddie Khan

Project Manager

Meet Freddie Khan, our project wizard extraordinaire. With a decade of experience under his tool belt, Freddie is the go-to guy for all things construction. Known for his razor-sharp wit and unyielding commitment to success, Freddie is not just a seasoned pro, but also the life of the job site. When he's not turning blueprints into reality, you'll find him cracking jokes and keeping the team spirit high. With Freddie on board, our projects are in good, safe hands.

James Galati


Meet James Galati, aka Jimmy Gelato, our legendary Carpenter at Hillbrook. Jimmy's skills are unparalleled, crafting architectural masterpieces with precision and taste. Beyond work, he spreads joy as a devoted family man and enjoys a passion for BMX takes him to new heights. As a true force to be reckoned with in redefining the limits of craftsmanship, Hillbrook wouldn’t be the same without our Jimmy.

Jordan Greganic


Meet Jordan Greganic, Hillbrook carpenter and avid soccer enthusiast. As the son of esteemed Site Manager Daniel Greganic, Jordan quietly absorbs his father's wisdom, honing his own carpentry skills along the way. On the soccer field, he showcases finesse and grace, chasing the ball with the agility of a gazelle. Jordan's quiet nature may lead some to wonder if he's mastered the art of stealth carpentry, silently crafting wooden masterpieces. Beneath his reserved demeanour, he possesses a heart of gold, always ready to lend a helping hand and enjoy a yarn.

Jyl Wright

Site Manager

Meet Jyl Wright, our West Side Site Manager who packs a punch in both on-site and in the ring. With his rural charm and exceptional carpentry skills, Jyl gets projects done and dusted with finesse and precision. When he's not on the job, he transforms into a professional boxer, channelling his country-boy strength in the ring. Jyl's left hook leaves opponents seeing stars, a testament to his unwavering determination and tenacity. With his knockout skills and unstoppable drive, Jyl Wright brings a unique blend of strength and skill to every project, ensuring success at every turn.

Kyle Caulfield


Meet Kyle Caulfield, our incredible carpenter at Hillbrook, known for his cracking personality and almost-too-unwavering love for the Collingwood Magpies. When Kyle isn't busy swinging hammers, you'll find him immersed in the electric atmosphere of the MCG, cheering on his beloved team with gusto. With his mischievous grin and natural sense of humour, he's always ready with a witty comeback or a perfectly timed punchline to keep everyone on their toes. Kyle's arms tell stories through a mosaic of tattoos, a testament to his love for craftsmanship and his genuine, adventurous spirit.

Luca Furlan


Meet Luca Furlan, our skilled Carpenter at Hillbrook. With woodworking expertise honed over the years, Luca is a true craftsman. When he's not busy building wonders, he enjoys camping adventures with his loyal sidekick, Tessa the dog. Luca's humour is as sharp as a chisel, effortlessly bringing laughter to all with his hilarious antics. For extra credit, his dedication to his craft is unwavering, delivering exceptional results time and time again.

Maria Brgodac

Office Manager

Meet Maria Brgodac, our genius Office Manager and finance wiz. With her impeccable financial management skills, Maria effortlessly handles accounts payable and receivable, keeping our operations running smoothly. Not just about numbers; Maria brings an infectious giggle that fills our office with joy. Her professionalism and organizational chops make Maria a true rose among the thorns, dedicated to bringing efficiency to every corner of Hillbrook’s buzzing operations.

Regina Tee

Contract Admin

Meet Regina Tee, our Contract Administrator extraordinaire. With her meticulous nature and organizational skills, Regina is the mastermind behind ensuring that every agreement is handled with precision and efficiency. Not just all business—Regina's infectious laughter brings a delightful atmosphere to our office as an integral part of our Hillbrook family. When Regina's around, you can expect a blend of professionalism and a touch of magic that keeps us all smiling.

Simon Powell

Construction Manager

Meet Simon Powell, our Construction Manager At Large. With over 25 years of international experience, Simon is the king of both commercial and residential projects. He's like a magician with a hard hat, creating work that defies expectations. When he's not turning blueprints into reality, you'll find him chasing adventures and living life to the fullest—always seeking that next adrenaline rush. Simon brings a contagious passion and a dose of laughter to the job site, making him the MVP of the construction party.

Tristan Angelini


Meet Tristan Angelini, our Director at Hillbrook, fueled by three generations of construction knowledge. Tristan's passion for construction is contagious, creating a positive and down-to-earth work environment—and a really nice one at that. When not working with the teams, Tristan coaches aspiring basketball stars at the Middle Park Penguins and cherishes quality time with his family.

Zee Sheikh

Project Co-Ordinator / Estimator

Meet Zee Sheikh, the brains behind our many moving parts at Hillbrook. As our Project Co-ordinator and Estimator, Zee brings the perfect fusion of civil engineering expertise and a meticulous eye for detail. He's the master of seamless coordination, making sure all the puzzle pieces fit just right. With his passion for innovation and his love for all things tech, Zee is always one step ahead. Whether it's harnessing the power of drones or diving into emerging technologies, he's got it covered. When Zee's on the job, you can rest assured that excellence is just around the corner.