Details on the Safety Reset Shutdown for the Building & Construction Industry

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 21 September 2021

In light of the increasing number of infections, plus the chaos that transpired due to the recent protests, the Victorian Government has made a decision to shut down the construction industry in Melbourne and parts of Victoria. This shutdown will go on for two weeks which will include areas such as Metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong, Surf Coast, Ballarat, and the Mitchell Shire. On September 20th at 11:59 pm, any construction activities in the areas mentioned will be closed down confirmed by State Treasurer Tim Pallas.

Due to “widespread non-compliance” and “appalling behavior”, the decision to shut down the industry was enforced. There is huge concern over the increase in case numbers according to Mr. Pallas. This is part of the necessary steps to protect Victorians from the virus. Master Builders Victoria informed all members about the decision made ahead of the formal announcement.

Hundreds of construction workers protested about the new mandatory vaccination rules imposed for the members of the industry. It has also been announced that the government requires members of the industry to get vaccinated. Once all workers comply, and with COVIDSafe protocols followed, all sites would be allowed to re-open.

While the shutdown will be effective for two weeks, things could still change. Exemptions could be made in the next few days especially for limited critical infrastructure projects could be made and in order to make the sites safer, adjustments could also be done, such as safe and secure rendering, plus some emergency repairs. A skeleton crew could also be retained to keep everything in place and safe. More information about these would be announced in the coming days.

How would this closure impact the building and construction supply chain?

According to industry heads, the supply chain will not be affected in any way during the closure as well as businesses that support the sector specifically. The Victorian Government also made confirmation that any business support will be examined in order to figure out which ones will be made available to the industry.

Given the issues with the previous ANZSIC code the industry had to deal with, support must be provided plus the disaster payment scheme. It is indeed a challenging time for all the members of the industry, and Master Builders Victoria ensures all of its members that they are working to re-open the industry. In the meantime, as part of the industry, we should remain vigilant and follow all the protocols. For more information about the shutdown, check out our posts in the next few days.

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