Why House and Land Packages are Attracting Investors in Australia

Posted on 19 August 2021

Property is one of the most lucrative investments out there. In fact, in one article, 90% of millionaires in America made wealth through property investing. If you are in it for the long haul, real estate investments are for you. The holy grail of property investing is considered land, traditionally. But because of the changes and events that had happened in recent years, things have started to go differently. The pandemic brought by the COVID-19 virus is most probably the biggest catalyst of change, including in the industries. Today, investors are keener on investing in houses rather than in apartments.

So, what caused this major shift? Since the beginning of this year, residential market prices in capital cities have experienced a huge upsurge. Various experts predict that it could last for quite some time. For a time, investing in apartments seemed to be the popular move but over the past few years, people have started investing in houses in suburban areas. It turns out that houses have really good advantages such as getting a good return on investment, tax advantages, higher depreciation on new builds, and structural warranty.

What is great about real estate is that it’s a long-term investment. It may take five to seven years, but property is property. It is lucrative and can give you satisfaction in the long run. Developers are currently releasing house and land packages for investors in Victoria and Queensland. These packages are rent-ready which makes a lot of sense why so many are so quick to jump on board. The surge of investors looking for these kinds of packages is said to continue. Reports are also saying that NSW will follow suit.

The price of land has doubled the price in the last five years. House rentals have become very appealing at the moment and it’s become even more appealing if it’s built on a smaller land that does not require much maintenance. Buying property at its lowest price is a smart move most investors are taking, which is why it has attracted so many investors right now. We are all well aware that the property price is much more expensive in three to four years’ time so strike while the iron is hot.

The booming house-and-land market is just one of the many things or changes that the pandemic has brought. Government initiatives plus the savings from the lockdowns imposed encouraged Australians to invest in something that will last a long time – property is one of those. You can live in it, rent it out, or sell it eventually. Either way, property investment is sustainable and is something we always believe can change your life. Lastly, in order for you to make the right move, consult experts first. Find people who can help you and you can trust. Hillbrook Projects have consistently delivered what we promise. For your building and construction needs, contact us so we can figure out how to do it together. Let's get to work.

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