Australian Trends in House Designs for Your 2021 Dream House

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 29 July 2021

One thing we can all agree on is that trends are temporary. Every year, things that people find current or are preferred change. Whether it’s a piece of clothing or gadgets, we all know that there’s something new that will catch people’s attention so what could be “in” right now could be “out” tomorrow. It’s the same thing with trends in design and architecture.

Australian home designs have been influenced heavily by different countries such as the United States with the California Bungalows and Europe with European Art Deco that was all about simplicity and shapes. It clearly defined not just Australian homes, but others as well over the next decade.

In 2020, working from home became such a huge trend out of necessity and for reasons we don’t need to explain much further. Instead of actually embracing the really grand or groundbreaking design trends, we think we all can agree that the comfort and versatility of spaces have really become the norm. Architectural or home style trends change a lot and for 2021, the trend has everything to do with the current working situation among the working class, the young adults, and even the young at heart. Here are some examples.

Natural Tones

Natural and earthy tones have become so popular last year. Natural tones have already permeated most of our wardrobes for years, but since last year, the trend has finally reached our living spaces. What’s wonderful about the natural or earthy tones is how much it reminds us of the outdoors. Browns, beiges, greens – these colors have a way of making us all feel calm and relaxed. It’s almost as if you’re surrounded by nature, so it makes a lot of sense why people started obsessing about these tones. Natural materials, plus plant décor. These really picked up last year and looks like it’s going to stay for a long while.

Sustainable Upgrades

People have started to genuinely pay attention to the way we all have been living in this world, which is why I think environment-friendly products and materials will continue to become a part of building regulations. Upgrades that will reduce energy and water consumption will become an even bigger thing especially because of the current events that have transpired. According to some experts, they have been seeing lots of these upgrades that allow owners to become water and energy-efficient. Showerheads and new technology that will facilitate better energy are making huge waves in the building and construction industry.

The Hamptons Style

When we talk about the Hamptons style, we think about the light colors, the blues, and the beachy vibe that exudes sophistication. It is sort of the American version of the French design styles such as Baroque and Rococo. The surge in its popularity has been seen over the years, but now, the trend with a twist has become much more palpable. The traditional “Hamptons blue and white” are now mixed with muted greens and mustards that add that freshness perfect for the Australian climate, and anything that can cope with our climate is always welcome.

Flexible Layouts

Nowadays, it’s important to think far ahead. With all the uncertainty in the world, especially right now, you want something adaptable to the changes that will or might come. In terms of spaces, adaptable layouts with a certain target in mind are increasingly becoming popular. Multipurpose rooms and rooms that have non-permanent walls that can be shifted or even taken down easily in case more space is needed are becoming a thing. For growing families, this is quite ideal so they have an option to make use of their space. It's important to remember that ultimately, it’s up to you to make your space as comfortable and cozy as you want. And it’s people in your life that would make your house a home.

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