More Victorians to Find Work with Big Build Projects

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 19 July 2021

When we talk about economic growth, we think about the things that could stimulate its growth quickly and the best way to do that is by increasing employment. When a nation has a fully functioning society with available jobs for people, the economy will progress. A nation that has stagnant growth is usually due to very few jobs created. This is exactly the reason why Victoria is making sure that industries that open up doors for employment will be encouraged, including the building and construction industry.

It is a well-known fact that one of the major industries that will aid Australia in recovery from the effects of the COVID virus is the building and construction industry. Good thing that Victoria is making sure that individuals will be able to find work on some of the state’s biggest infrastructure projects.

The Andrews Labor Government launched the new North East Link Skills and Jobs Centre. This was created to become a one-stop-shop for all those who need a job with about 10,000 jobs available on the North East Link project. These jobs are mostly for skilled workers necessary to build Victoria’s future. The centre was recently opened in Watsonia.

New opportunities for job seekers in the field of engineering, construction trades, traffic management, conservation land management, and administration. The goal of this project is to provide more jobs to jobseekers and at the same time make it easier by connecting them to employers and the industry. To date, the North East Link project is considered the biggest road project in the history of the state of Victoria.

In addition, supported by the Big Build Apprenticeships program amounting to $33 million, the project aims to provide a target of 1,500 opportunities for apprentices and trainees each year for the next four years. The early works on the North East Link project already provided jobs for 64 apprentices and trainees who have worked for over 70,000 hours.

Last year, the Federal Government announced a wage subsidy for apprentices. It was designed for those who had to leave school early in order to find employment. This $1.2 billion wage subsidy aims to provide opportunities for the out of school youth. In partnership with the Skills and Job Centre, apprenticeships and job options will be available for those looking for a job. North East Skills and Jobs Centre between 10 am to 5 pm during weekdays at 17 Watsonia Rd, Watsonia.

Minister for Training and Skills Gayle Tierney says that this project will allow local people or Victorians to explore great opportunities that will aid in the recovery of Victoria’s economy. Infrastructure projects remain to be a catalyst for social-economic advancement. With more Victorians going back to work with these amazing opportunities, the greater the reward for the state and the country.

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