Shades of blue: Bathroom Ideas for 2022

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 11 July 2022

For a few years now, whites and light colors have been in the spotlight. But the world is changing—and so does our tastes and preferences. In terms of picking out designs, patterns, and colors, trends are highly responsible for it. They play a huge part in decision-making most of the time.

Bathrooms are often neglected when choosing colors because not a lot of people understand the logic behind them. However, bathroom colors play a significant role in one’s mood and the overall atmosphere of the place. While some like more really bright, clean colors, people have become connected to dark or moody hues such as blues.

Here are some of the currently most popular bathroom trends and how to maximize them.


Dark blues are not always the most obvious choice when choosing colors for a bathroom. Most of the time, dark blues are normally more popular for kitchens but as time goes by, homeowners become more open to unconventional colors. Dark blues make a strong statement. The key here is to mix it with a color that compliments, like a lighter one - may be some whites or pastels.


A lot of homeowners nowadays enjoy a more striking bathroom color. Two tones can be tricky so the colors you choose should complement each other, otherwise, they will look like they are just fighting against each other. Two tones are supposed to give that calming effect so consult an expert about this.


Another trend that has been making waves is the reversal of the obvious order. For instance, while others choose blue as a wall color more often than not, some others choose a specific shade of blue for the floor or ceiling (which is almost always painted white by default) —it’s an unconventional and interesting treatment.


Blue colors are highly attractive especially when they’re paired with patterns. Patterns are generally striking anywhere you place them, but because blue is such a stylish color, it makes the look of a room even more appealing. Stripes, checkered—whatever pattern you choose, make sure that it’s not too overpowering. You could do this on your floors as well. Patterned floors make for some interesting touch.

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