Tiny Homes: A New Way of Living

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 28 January 2022

One tiny addition in alternative lifestyle has made such a huge impact in one of the biggest crises Australia is currently facing—homelessness. Homelessness has been caused by so many factors, one of which is the rising cost of residential property. Another factor is wage stagnation wherein no increase in wages in the last few years. This is a huge problem because this makes it unable for individuals to afford a place to stay because the prices are high but the wages do not move or improve.

But that’s for a different topic of conversation. Let’s talk about tiny homes and how it all began.

Tiny houses, a concept that actually stemmed from the USA, are slowly making their way in Australia. From the name itself, these tiny houses, are tiny residential properties that are thought to be a great new alternative way of living. The building of these houses is a new project brought about by new plans created by the Victorian government to help to struggle Australians. They are actually built on unused land in Victoria, Melbourne and they are currently on lease for $1 per year.

But apparently, these tiny homes are not just for the homeless—it’s actually starting to look like it’s a new way of living for some people who have a choice. Some individuals really like the thrill of it. There are different types of tiny houses. Here are some of those.

Tiny House on Wheels

Some people like the “gypsy” life where they move around or the wandering lifestyle. But of course, who wants to live a life with no permanent home? This is why the tiny house on wheels is built. These are portable homes you can bring anywhere. However, some things are needed to be considered before going for this route such as where you can legally park your house and which trailer are you going to build the house on?

Tiny Vardo

Living in a wagon has never been this stylish. Another type of tiny house is called the tiny. The tiny was traditionally and initially drawn by a horse. Nowadays, it’s pulled by vehicles and it’s strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, including one that brings strong winds. This one is a good choice for someone living alone that likes a minimalist kind of life.

Trailer Houses

Possibly the most popular type of tiny home, trailer houses have been around for a long time especially in America. Trailer houses are built on a trailer van so it’s easy to move around. Some designs are hitched to a truck so it would be easy to change locations. The frames of these houses are typically built out of timber which makes it such a cost-effective home.

Bus Converted into Tiny Houses

Buses that are converted into tiny houses are also slowly becoming very popular, although it has also been around for many years in the US. This unconventional way of living not only allows people to space it has, but it’s also incredibly cost-effective. You only need creativity to work your magic into these buses. There is a guide to acquiring your tiny house. For more information, you may visit this link.

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