Exciting New Trends in Building and Construction Industry in Australia

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 31 January 2022

Every year, industries face different challenges and welcome innovations. One of the most prominent innovations is advanced artificial intelligence, which many industries have deemed to be incredibly helpful in their workplaces. As for the building and construction industry, construction robotics have been making great contributions to the way things are done especially last year. For the next few years, many of these innovations will continue to revolutionize the industry.

What are the trends that will most likely continue in the next several years? What do these trends mean to the whole industry?


The bricklaying robot, robotic welding, construction mapping—these are some of the construction robotics that the construction and building industry have made the work easier and faster. This year, we have seen progress in the way things are performed. In the past, we had to deal with some criticisms whether these were a fad or useful for the future. Luckily, it turned out to be arguably some of the most promising developments in Australia in years. According to studies, this construction robotics will keep improving and only get even more revolutionary in the years to come. Some people worry that it could lead to a decrease in terms of jobs, but it’s a great tool to help more workers get faster results.

Changes in Legislation

Part of the trend involves changes that should improve the way the industry works. For instance, sustainable products have had such an impact that even the construction and building industry is determined to follow suit. The proposed changes for the NCC 2019 aims to reduce health risks for both builders and dwellers. This was done to ensure the safety of everyone within the industry and at the same time, be more environmentally friendly.

Wearable Technology

One of the latest great innovations that the two biggest companies in the world have to do with wearable technology. Both Apple and Samsung have made waves in technology with the creation of advanced mobile phones—but they have also started a trend in wearable tech with led wearables. The building and construction industry has also made a point to change the way people work after the new development in the wearable sector. Work boots that have GPS, as well as motion sensors, lighting, and even WIFI, were created specifically to help project managers monitor construction workers at all times. According to experts, this development will go on in the next few years.

Construction Management Software

Construction management software like the IoT or Internet of Things was created to make communication within the organization easier. Because of it, data is disseminated faster which would improve the workflow process. It has been said that this should continue in the next year and it could potentially make a huge shift in how technology will contribute to the way workers and project managers perform their jobs. It should also improve the conditions in workplaces and hopefully help in making things easier rather than making it harder.

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