Remodeling vs. Renovating vs. Rehabbing

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 03 January 2022

There are different terms in building and construction that may sound similar to each other and would often cause a lot of confusion. I’m sure you have heard of the terms remodeling, renovating, and rehabbing. Although essentially these terms mean building something, the products and processes are different. To be able to understand how these terms are different from one another, let us talk a little bit about their definition.

The term “Remodel” basically means all about doing a make-over on a building by removing some details that were there before. Remodeling is all about adding new features that are completely different from the previous ones, making it look like a totally different structure or form.

The term “Renovate” means to improve something. Renovating a building or a property would mean doing some repairs, alterations, and some additions as well in order to make the building or property look better and newer. Most of the time, renovating a building or property isn’t necessarily about being sensitive to the original features.

The term “Rehab” is also basically about improving a property or building’s appearance. However, unlike renovating, rehabbing something should also mean preserving the character-defining features of a particular building while working on it to improve it to become even more useful and back to the original layout.

Now that we have already defined these terms, we move on to how you will know which route to go. It should depend on the needs of the property or the building, but in case you want to make better and specific choices, here is a guide or the things to remember:

- The remodeling approach is particularly for those clients who would like follow to their own preferences more than the style of the property. However, remodeling costs a lot of not just money, but time. It’s important to be patient when remodeling because it’s going to be customized or tailored to their liking.

- When doing the renovating approach, it’s important to find someone that could help you envision how each room would look and the possibilities and the changes that could be made. This way, doing your home or property would be easier to manage.

- Rehabbing is more common for developers than homeowners because it’s essentially about making a huge transformation. There are homeowners who even transformed other properties into a home. Rehabbing is about bringing it back to its original purpose and more.

- It’s also important to be reminded that if the condition of the home is worse, it should mean that more work will be done.

- There are locations that do not just allow changes to be made so take note of that.

- Patience is needed when doing these approaches very much so make sure that the timeframe of the construction is expressed.

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