Kitchen Trends You Can Try This Year

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 07 February 2022

A lot has changed over the years especially when it comes to how people want their homes to look. Because the central point of any house is the kitchen, owners always make it a point to spend more time planning and remodeling it. Now that designs have changed so much with technology playing an important part, it gave the trends in kitchen design a different twist.

Here are some of the trends this year.


Gone are the days when kitchen islands are not given that much thought. Kitchen Islands have become bigger and multi-purpose over the years, and they’re no longer just squeezed into spaces. Nowadays, kitchen islands have become larger and more stylish. These islands are also meant to have a bigger impact on any home and have more storage cabinets. Modern kitchen islands are also used now for dining purposes, mainly for casual eating and drinking.


For many years, hardwood has been the most popular flooring among homeowners. But changes have been happening recently. Ceramic flooring seems to be giving the hardwood a run for money since more and more homeowners choose this option. And because technology made innovations, ceramic tiles now come in various styles and designs which make them more appealing to many people. One of the most popular ceramic tiles used these days are those that resemble natural stone. But if you’re into personalized tiles, you can also do that by having it cut just the way you like it.


What makes a kitchen real messy is when there’s not enough storage. But sometimes, even storage solutions make up most of the kitchen space which can also be a problem. Nowadays, cabinetry is made to have more space in the kitchen. A functional kitchen should have storage solutions that will not keep you from moving freely to prepare food and dine with family and friends. There should be storage for cutlery and utensils, as well as pull-outs for condiments and spices. The modern storage solutions make it so much easier to access everything you need in the kitchen.


Countertops are essential in making your kitchen look attractive. Quartz countertops have been celebrated as the most popular among high-end kitchens. What makes this material so appealing to people is its ability to last forever, which technically means you will save a lot of money. It’s such a hardy material and it’s easy to clean because it’s anti-bacterial. For anyone who doesn’t like cleaning their countertops all the time, this is the perfect one to install in the kitchen.


While white kitchens will still be popular, looks like we are slowly moving away from this trend. This year, kitchens with more color will gain a lot of attention. From backsplashes to appliances, a lot of homeowners are becoming more adventurous in choosing colors for their kitchens. We will be seeing a lot of bolder, sleeker, and a little bit dramatic kitchens this year.

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